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Find Search Engineer jobs in Switzerland and Germany

Search engineers are responsible for building search engines that help users find the most relevant results. Google is one example of a search engine, and is the most popular one currently in use. However, search functions exist for various websites and services, and are an important and difficult area to master. The type of information that the search engines are programmed to parse can vary greatly, and specific skills may be required for different products.

In more detail

Search engine engineering comprises many tasks to arrive at relevant search results. It is necessary to build an index that is, ideally, spam-free. Additionally, engineers must create algorithms that evaluate sites in relation to searched terms, determining which ones correspond best.

They may also be involved in developing new methods that speed up different parts of the process, such as gathering data, enriching it, and normalising it. It is also possible to add new features to existing search functions. Testing is necessary to ensure everything works correctly.

Because search terms can be vague, it is important to be able to provide different results that may interest users. Overall, an understanding of user experience is necessary for search engineering, as it is important to know how people search in order to provide them with the most relevant results. It is important also that the search is fast and efficient.

Search engine engineers must be very proficient in software engineering, and ideally have some experience working with search-related functions.

In-depth knowledge of search capabilities and solutions is necessary. As such, a degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field is important when pursuing this kind of role. Experience in Elastic Search is generally a plus, as is experience with SQL, PHP, Python, and Jenkins. Some companies may ask for experience with different Clouds.

An understanding of UX design principles is also important in designing search features and functions.

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