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“I believe that we are a very good client of yours, with you we also always feel that you know exactly which position is open and which one is closed. With other recruiters sometimes I feel kind of lost and am not sure, if they are actively looking for us and working on the position, but with you, I know that you are ALWAYS on the search for the best digital marketing profiles for us, and it just works.”

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LailaHR & Office Manager

“Our collaboration with TieTalent has been a game-changer. They consistently produce exceptional candidates, and I’m in awe of how they do it! With their platform, they have the ability to target individuals actively seeking new opportunities, which is a far superior process compared to traditional headhunting methods.”

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MatthiasCEO at Conteo
Gold Avenue Logo

“As the CTO of GOLD AVENUE, I am delighted to say that our collaboration with TieTalent has been a tremendous success. Our mindsets are perfectly aligned, and we have achieved both of our goals. Globally, we couldn’t be happier with the partnership, and we have exceeded our expectations!”

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Gold Avenue Logo

“Tech talent acquisition is about quality, not quantity. We needed a solution that can precisely target the most suitable candidates, without receiving an overwhelming number of subpar CVs or profiles. That’s why we chose TieTalent to target the most suitable candidates with the necessary skills, motivation, and experience to join our team, and streamline our recruitment process.”

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JeniferTalent Consultant at QoQa

“We had a great experience with TieTalent! The platform is simple & very user-friendly. We used it from A-Z, getting instantly matched with several excellent candidates and we ended up hiring multiple great talents very quickly.”

AngelinaHuman Resources Manager at TTC

“In times of war, TieTalent was able to present us a panel of relevant candidates taking into account all the planned aspects. The team’s follow-up was a great help in the selection of our rare pearl. We will happily collaborate again.”

TeoChief Technology & Data Innovation Officer at smood

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