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Find Quality Assurance jobs in Switzerland and Germany

The category of Quality Assurance jobs includes such roles as QA Test Automation Engineers and QA Manual Test Engineers.

They ensure that the products or services offered by an organisation are of the highest possible quality. The main tasks these specialists are in charge of are numerous, but can be summarised as a continuous cycle of planning (designing quality assurance policies); doing (implementing quality assurance standards); checking (evaluating the quality assurance activities); and acting (implementing changes to processes if necessary).

Additionally, Quality Assurance Engineers often have to produce documents about internal audits. Quality Assurance is often referred to as QA Testing because it aims to improve processes in order to deliver quality products to customers.

The skills required for a QA Manager position are as follows: strong attention to detail, good communication, leadership qualities, planning and organisation abilities, and a team-oriented attitude.

A flair for problem-solving and excellent technical knowledge are essential. Additionally, a good understanding of statistics is a must.

It is important not to confuse Quality Assurance with Quality Control. The former focuses on the development process and how to optimise it to reduce defects in a product. In contrast, the latter comes into play after the development of a product in order to detect its defects and reflect on how to eliminate sources of quality problems.

Therefore, QA is process-oriented, while QC is product-oriented.

Quality Assurance jobs exist in various industries, such as in the medical field, in aerospace, as well as in software development. When it comes to software development, QA is frequently referred to as software testing.

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