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Find Full-Stack Engineer jobs in Switzerland

A full-stack engineer is a computer programmer who is able to code on the back-end as well as on the front-end of a website. Sometimes referred to as full-stack programmers or designers, they are able to develop a fully-fledged platform independently. They generally handle the databases, servers, systems engineering, and even clients of their projects. Furthermore, the kind of products they work on can include websites and web and mobile applications.

In more detail

The main role of a full-stack engineer is implementing software programs using both front- and back-end technologies. As such, they are responsible for both how the program works and how it looks. An important task is ensuring that the stack is well created and meets the speed and scalability requirements. The full-stack engineer not only writes the code that determines a program’s functionality, but also implements design principles to create a product with great user experience.

This kind of position has both benefits and disadvantages for companies. On the one hand, full-stack programmers can design a product prototype rather quickly because they have many skills and tools at their disposal, and do not need to coordinate with other specialists in order to handle the different aspects of a product. However, this also means that full-stack programmers do not have in-depth knowledge of every technology in their arsenal. However, with knowledge of both user- and server-side components, they understand the possibilities of both for optimizing the product’s performance.

The coding languages commonly used by a full-stack engineer are JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, and more. They should also have detailed knowledge of the corresponding frameworks. Design skills are also necessary, with previous graphic design experience being a plus. Further skills that are frequently asked for are creativity, global thinking, curiosity, and a good sense of organization. A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or experience in a related field is a minimum requirement to work as a full-stack engineer.

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