Finding the Best: TieTalent and Switch Join Forces to Assemble a Dream Team of 16 Top-notch IT Professionals

  • Lynn MüllerSales Team Lead, TieTalent
  • Dominik KüngSenior Talent Agent, TieTalent
  • Jennifer Keller
    Jennifer KellerPeople & Culture Business Partner, Switch
  • Hires to date16
  • Recruitment cycle time40 days
  • Time saved per hire15 days

About Switch

Switch is a non-profit foundation established in 1987 under private law by the Swiss Confederation and the eight university cantons. The foundation is an integral part of the Swiss university landscape, empowering both academic and non-academic users to achieve excellence.

With a mission to provide a forward-looking and secure basic infrastructure, innovative solutions, and targeted advice, Switch helps universities and other partners outside the academic world to make effective and efficient use of the opportunities presented by digitalization.

The foundation serves a wide range of customers including:

  • Swiss Universities and their research institutions
  • Organizations that collaborate closely with the universities such as university hospitals, private universities and research institutions
  • The internet community including domain registrars, internet service providers and hosters
  • Critical Infrastructure Organisations (CIO) in sectors like banking, industry, logistics, energy, healthcare, and government

With 180 employees, Switch supports the Swiss economy in the fight against cybercrime through security solutions and ensures that over 8 million people in Switzerland and Liechtenstein can rely on Switch’s services around the clock.

  • Location PinZurich, Switzerland
  • Person180 team members
  • ShopSoftware development industry
  • Empty starMission: Smart solutions for a secure digital future

What Makes Switch Stand Out?

What sets Switch apart as a foundation of the Swiss universities is solidarity rather than commercial thinking. Furthermore, co-creation, collaboration, and excellent connections are key to our common success. The foundation fosters good relations with leading Internet organizations around the world and has close ties to international research networks.

Many staff members are personally active as members of global organizations, committees, working groups, or research initiatives, contributing to the development of the Internet community.

Switch maintains a close collaboration with Educa on a permeable digital education space for lifelong learning. The foundation is a member of the GÉANT Association, connecting Europe's national research and education networks to each other and similar networks globally. Switch also represents Switzerland in the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG). Furthermore, Switch is a member of the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST), the world's largest and most respected community of IT security experts, and the Council of National Top Level Domain Registries (CENTR) These international cooperations highlight Switch's commitment to fostering global connections and contributing to the development of the Internet community.

The Goal

The collaboration between Switch and TieTalent was initiated with a clear goal in mind. Switch was in need of new hires that would not only bring the necessary skills and qualifications, but also align with the company's culture and values.

Recognizing this need, Dominik Küng, our Senior Talent Agent, reached out to Switch with a selection of high-quality profiles. Despite the usual skepticism towards recruiters, Switch's team was convinced by the quality of the profiles and decided to give TieTalent a chance.

The service provided by TieTalent was utilized by various teams and roles within Switch. The collaboration was a concerted effort to find the right people for the right roles, ensuring a perfect fit for both the company and the new hires.

TieTalent's Expertise

A Game Changer

TieTalent has proven itself to be a game changer in the recruitment industry, standing out with a unique approach and commitment to understanding the companies they work with.

Unlike traditional recruitment agencies that simply upload CVs on their websites, TieTalent takes the time to understand the company, its goals, and its values. This was a key factor that led Switch to choose TieTalent as their recruitment partner.

Jennifer Keller, the People & Culture Business Partner at Switch, expressed that the recruitment process was streamlined and efficient, thanks to TieTalent's meticulous approach of taking detailed briefing notes, which ensured that mostly high-quality profiles were put forward from the outset.

Moreover, TieTalent demonstrated flexibility in terms of organizing interviews and keeping candidates informed, a feature that was highly appreciated by Switch.

This approach not only streamlined the recruitment process, but also significantly boosted productivity. A testament to this is TieTalent's impressive record of filling 5 open positions at Switch in 2023 alone.

Jennifer Keller
“Partnering with TieTalent has transformed our recruitment process at Switch. They truly understand our needs and values, providing us with candidates who are a perfect fit for our culture. Their efficiency, flexibility, and high-quality service have made them an invaluable partner. With TieTalent, we have been able to quickly fill positions with top-notch candidates, enhancing our team's productivity.”
Jennifer Keller
Jennifer KellerPeople & Culture Business Partner at Switch

Speed and Efficiency

TieTalent's influence on Switch has been profound and transformative. Identifying the perfect fit for the company's diverse positions has significantly boosted operational efficiency.

The positions filled by TieTalent for Switch include:

  • IT Support Mac Specialist (Senior)
  • IT Support Mac Specialist (Junior)
  • Full Stack Software Engineer
  • Windows System Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer – Self Sovereign Identity
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Security Engineer
  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Cyber Threat Analyst
  • Ruby on Rails Engineer

TieTalent's services have not only enabled Switch to save valuable time, but also to meet their recruitment objectives.

The company was pleasantly surprised by the speed at which TieTalent was able to recruit excellent candidates. This success is a testament to TieTalent's unique recruitment strategy. This approach, along with the deep understanding of Switch's needs and values, has solidified TieTalent's position as a trusted partner in Switch's recruitment journey.

The Future of Switch

Switch has undergone significant development in the past few years. As they look to the future, they anticipate a more steady growth and a focus on improving their recruitment process and candidate journey experience.

TieTalent is set to play a crucial role in Switch's future recruitment efforts. Switch prefers to work with a few recruitment agencies but properly, and TieTalent has proven to be a reliable partner. As Switch continues to grow and transform, they can count on TieTalent to help them find the right people to drive their mission forward.

Jennifer Keller shared that she appreciates the input and interaction she gets from TieTalent, something she doesn't get from recruitment agencies. This partnership is not just about filling positions; it is about building a better future for Switch and the communities they serve.

Switch is committed to offering a comprehensive suite of benefits that genuinely enrich the lives of their employees. Among the standout benefits provided by Switch are:

  • SuitcaseAttractive working models
  • Personal training
  • CommunicationFlexible pensions
  • Parental leave on 100% pay
  • Food discounts
  • Private accident insurance

If you're a driven tech professional eager to contribute to Switch's journey, sign up for a free TieTalent profile to become part of their outstanding team!

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