A New Era in Digital Hiring: ads&figures' Success with TieTalent's Expertise

  • Lynn MüllerSales Team Lead, TieTalent
  • Dominik KüngSenior Talent Agent, TieTalent
  • Laila AcherHR & Office Manager, ads&figures
  • Hires to date7
  • Recruitment cycle time19 days
  • Time saved per hire11 days

About ads&figures

Established in the heart of Bern, ads&figures is a digital agency that embodies the spirit of the modern digital age.

With a team that's young, motivated, and deeply entrenched in the digital realm, they have carved out a niche for themselves in the world of digital marketing. Their expertise isn't just limited to the Swiss borders; they've successfully launched campaigns that resonate with audiences internationally.

Specializing in data & digital analytics, digital marketing, and strategy & consulting, ads&figures is committed to delivering excellence in every project.

Their recognition as the “Digital Agency of the Year” in 2020 stands as a testament to their dedication and prowess in the field.

At the core of their operations is a belief in forging genuine partnerships with their clients, ensuring a collaborative environment that thrives on mutual growth and success.

  • Location PinBern, Switzerland
  • Person15 team members
  • ShopDigital Marketing industry
  • Empty starMission: Boost your Digital Performance

What is special about ads&figures?

While ads&figures have a broad approach to digital marketing, it's their focus on data that really makes a difference. They not only analyze website data but also present it in a structured manner, guiding clients on the nuances of data collection and utilization.

This data-driven approach ensures that decisions are rooted in concrete information rather than mere intuition. Their prowess extends to various facets of digital marketing, from SEO and SEA to Programmatic Advertising and Feed Management.

But their expertise isn't just limited to execution; strategy plays a pivotal role. They delve deep into understanding a business's core objectives, offering workshops, coachings, and strategic consultations.

Whether it's a digital product, content marketing, or e-commerce, ads&figures stands ready to guide, strategize, and execute to perfection.

The Goal

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, swift hiring is crucial. Laila Acher, the HR & Office Manager at ads&figures, had a clear vision for her recruitment needs. However, her past interactions with recruitment agencies and headhunters had often left her disappointed. The frequent emails and the challenges of finding truly qualified candidates through traditional headhunters had been a persistent issue.

Laila's main goal extended beyond just the qualifications on a resume. She was in search of specialists, i.e. individuals who had honed their skills in specific areas of marketing, rather than generalists who might have a broad but shallow understanding. This distinction was crucial for ads&figures.

ads&figures has always maintained a strong emphasis on its team dynamics, believing that a cohesive team can achieve far more than just a group of individuals. Hence, Laila knew that any potential hire would need to align well with the company's values and culture as well.

TieTalent's Expertise

Local & Qualified Talents

Before collaborating with TieTalent, ads&figures struggled with traditional job boards, often finding it challenging to secure candidates who were based in Switzerland. The frequent mismatches and misunderstandings about positions were significant pain points.

But TieTalent's approach was different. Lynn Müller, our Sales Team Lead, introduced Laila to our system where payment was made only upon successful hiring, eliminating the upfront costs typically associated with recruitment agencies. Laila also shared that with TieTalent and Lynn's expertise, the deep understanding of ads&figures' need for specialists, rather than generalists, was present and that's what set us apart.

Furthermore, it was ensured that the talents presented to Laila were not only qualified, but also had a clear understanding of their roles. This was achieved by conducting an initial check where Dominik Küng, our Senior Talent Agent, explained the company's operations to potential candidates, ensuring a better fit and saving precious time for ads&figures.

“I believe that we are a very good client of yours, with you we also always feel that you know exactly which position is open and which one is closed. With other recruiters sometimes I feel kind of lost and am not sure, if they are actively looking for us and working on the position, but with you, I know that you are ALWAYS on the search for the best digital marketing profiles for us, and it just works.”

Laila AcherHR & Office Manager at ads&figures


Laila explained that the flexibility offered by TieTalent, including features like uploading CVs directly into their system, further streamlined the recruitment process.

The results spoke for themselves. With TieTalent's assistance, ads&figures experienced increased productivity in their hiring process and successfully achieved their recruitment goals for finding 3 Search Engine Advertising Managers, 2 Digital Project Managers and 1 Social Media Advertising Manager.

The majority of the candidates they hired came through TieTalent, underscoring the effectiveness and efficiency of the collaboration.

The Future of ads&figures

For the next 1-2 years ads&figures foresees a period of growth and further strengthening of the service spirit together with the customers.

As they move forward, they anticipate potential new hires, and TieTalent is expected to play a pivotal role in their future recruitment endeavors, suggesting that there might be new positions or departments on the horizon.

  • GroupCollegial, motivated and humorous team
  • RocketInternal as well as external trainings
  • SuitcaseRemote / Hybrid / In-office work
  • Latest tools & infrastructure
  • CommunicationModern working conditions
  • Relaxed, but ambitious working atmosphere

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