A Match Made in Hiring Heaven: Conteo's Success Story with TieTalent's Agile Hiring Approach

  • Lynn MüllerSales Team Lead, TieTalent
  • Florence BauerTalent Team Lead, TieTalent
  • Matthias BaldingerCEO, Conteo
  • Hires to date2
  • Recruitment cycle time21 days
  • Time saved per hire30 days

About Conteo

Conteo is a revolutionary digital platform designed to enhance the trade fair experience for both organizers and exhibitors. With a keen focus on fostering meaningful online experiences, Conteo is designed to help organizers gain additional revenue by providing an intuitive and engaging platform for exhibitors.

Conteo is built on five primary components that blend seamlessly to create a comprehensive trade fair ecosystem:

1. Event Platform

Allows exhibitors to showcase the contents of their booth in advance, thus creating anticipation and excitement for the event.

2. Community Platform

Provides a space for visitors and exhibitors to interact throughout the year, fostering a sense of community and ongoing engagement.

3. Posts

The basic units of content. Exhibitors can purchase credits to create these posts, which can then be used to highlight their offerings or share exciting news. To help exhibitors create and maintain these posts, Conteo offers the fourth component.

4. Conteo Publisher

A user-friendly publishing software designed specifically for exhibitors.

Lastly, the Conteo Content Services team of experienced content supervisors ensures that all posts are created on time and meet quality standards, offering peace of mind for organizers and exhibitors alike.

  • Location PinZurich, Switzerland
  • Person15 team members
  • ShopInformation technology industry
  • Empty starMission: Creating online fairs

What makes Conteo stand out?

In the crowded field of digital event platforms, Conteo stands out for a number of reasons.

The platform's focus on curated posts instead of traditional exhibitor directories allows exhibitors to share their stories and exhibits through engaging posts, complete with text, pictures, and videos. This feature not only makes it easier for visitors to conduct their online research, but also drives more people to the event.

Conteo leverages complex algorithms and technology to provide an intuitive and personalized user experience, ensuring that visitors see content that is interesting and relevant to them.

Moreover, Conteo is a proven solution, having been successfully used at a large number of trade fairs. Organizers benefit from Conteo's low-risk and cost-effective solution, which also offers additional revenue streams, such as selling post credits to exhibitors.

Conteo is committed to continuous development based on user feedback, positioning itself as a future-proof partner rather than just a service provider.

The Goal

In a world where finding top-notch tech talent is a real challenge, Conteo found themselves in a hiring predicament two years ago.

With a pressing need for a skilled Symfony Developer, they turned to TieTalent, and little did they know that this collaboration would be a game-changer.

The hiring manager's goal was crystal clear – to find an exceptional Symfony Developer who could take their team to new heights.

But it wasn't just about technical expertise.

Conteo, being a close-knit company of around 10–12 individuals, needed someone who would fit like a missing puzzle piece, aligning perfectly with their company culture and values.

Matthias Baldinger, CEO of Conteo AG
Matthias Baldinger, CEO of Conteo AG, at Brand Trust Podcast

TieTalent's Expertise

A Commitment To Success

Conteo had struggled for far too long, grappling with the daunting task of attracting and securing tech talent. However, TieTalent brought an arsenal of expertise and a relentless commitment to success. Through outreach programs, TieTalent's efforts paid off, and they discovered the incredible Igor – a Symfony expert who fit Conteo's requirements like a glove.

The team at Conteo was over the moon with the results, and they knew they had found a winning formula. But the collaboration didn't stop there.

TieTalent continued to work their magic, not only helping Conteo find a Senior Symfony Engineer, but also securing a Head of Operations.

The tireless efforts, pre-screening candidates and presenting only the cream of the crop, saved Conteo countless hours and spared them the frustration of sifting through irrelevant applications.

TieTalent's unique ability to market Conteo's strengths to candidates was a true game-changer. With their finger on the pulse of the industry, TieTalent knew exactly how to showcase what made Conteo extraordinary, attracting exceptional talent who were eager to join the ranks.

“Our collaboration with TieTalent has been a game-changer. They consistently produce exceptional candidates, and I'm in awe of how they do it! With their platform, they have the ability to target individuals actively seeking new opportunities, which is a far superior process compared to traditional headhunting methods.”
Matthias BaldingerCEO at Conteo

Long-lasting Impact

With TieTalent, Conteo could tap into a pool of candidates who were already open to job changes, streamlining the entire process and ensuring a higher success rate.

Reflecting on TieTalent's impact, Matthias highlighted three features that stood out:

1. The significant reduction in effort was a game-changer.

TieTalent pre-scanned candidates, sending only those who were a perfect fit, saving Conteo valuable time.

2. TieTalent's ability to market the company to potential candidates was invaluable.

The external perspective and expertise allowed TieTalent to highlight Conteo's strengths, attracting top talent who resonated with the company's values.

3. TieTalent excelled at connecting Conteo with individuals who were actively seeking new opportunities, aligning perfectly with their recruitment goals.

The Future of Conteo

Looking ahead, Conteo envisions growth and expansion in the next 1–2 years. With plans to expand operations into Germany and Austria and fill positions in account and content management, they anticipated hiring more tech professionals.

TieTalent was poised to play a vital role in this growth, continuing to be Conteo's trusted recruitment partner. As Conteo's recruitment needs will evolve, TieTalent's expertise and platform would be instrumental in sourcing top talent, aligning with the company's vision for the future.

At Conteo, the team members are highly valued, and the company goes above and beyond to provide them with a work environment that reflects its core values. Conteo believes in offering a range of benefits that truly make a difference in their employees' lives. Some exceptional benefits provided by Conteo include:

  • SuitcaseVibrant work environment
  • GroupGreat team and innovative product
  • RocketGrowth and development
  • MedalAttractive terms
  • Opportunity to impact
  • Work-life balance
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