Transforming the Swiss E-Commerce: QoQa's Unmatched Deals Fueled by TieTalent's Exceptional Developers

  • Sofia Bedonni
    Sofia BedonniClient Executive, TieTalent
  • Lisa Pinaud
    Lisa PinaudSenior Talent Agent, TieTalent
  • Jenifer Tur, Talent Consultant in QoQa
    Jenifer TurTalent Consultant, QoQa
  • Hires to date3
  • Recruitment cycle time12 days
  • Time saved per hire37 days

Meet QoQa

Are you living in Switzerland and feeling like you're missing out on something? Well, let us tell you about QoQa – the Swiss company that's anything but boring.

Founded in 2005, QoQa has made a name for itself as a successful e-commerce platform that offers incredible deals on just about everything you could want.

And the best part? You can access it all through their app on your phone (available on iOS and Android).

  • Location PinBussigny-près-Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Person+200 team members
  • ShopShopping & Retail industry
  • Empty starMission: Surprise its community of 950,000 people daily.

What sets QoQa apart from others?

It's the way they do things.

From selling Porsches at half price to offering 5-starhotels for a fraction of the cost, QoQa knows how to make their limited-time offers irresistible.

With a community of over 950,000 members, QoQa has created an engaged user base who can't wait to share their amazing deals with friends.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the QoQa community and experience the excitement for yourself!

Pascal Meyer founder of QoQa
Pascal Meyer, founder of QoQa

The Goal

As QoQa experienced remarkable business success, their need to hire efficiently increased significantly. With their expanded range of offerings, the company required the right tech talents to join their team.

To fulfill this requirement, Jenifer Tur, the Talent Consultant at QoQa, was responsible for screening and identifying qualified candidates who meet her standards. Once shortlisted, these individuals are then referred to the Senior Leadership for further evaluation.

Jenifer's primary focus is on sourcing top-notch Swiss developers who possess the intrinsic motivation and relevant prior experience.

However, this is not an unusual requirement, as most organizations seek these qualifications in their tech team members.

Mr. QoQa the seal QoQa Brand Mascot
Mr. QoQa, the Official Brand Mascot
Two QoQa Hot Air Balloons above a forest

TieTalent's Expertise

Speed. Quality. Guidance.

Jenifer had a conversation with her TieTalent Client Executive, Sofia, in November 2021. She expressed her interest in finding tech talent quickly and efficiently with a focus on quality, and wanted guidance on tech hiring fundamentals and the Swiss tech market.

Sofia discussed Jenifer's requirements with Lisa, a Talent Agent who evaluates candidates on TieTalent, to gain a better understanding of QoQa's needs. They worked together to help Jenifer use TieTalent to search, evaluate, and connect with potential tech talent.

With TieTalent's Intelligent Search, Jenifer could easily find tech professionals based on their skills, experiences, and expectations. Lisa would also notify Jenifer of any strong potential hires that fit QoQa's specifications.

Jenifer Tur, Talent Consultant in QoQa

“Tech talent acquisition is about quality, not quantity. We needed a solution that can precisely target the most suitable candidates, without receiving an overwhelming number of subpar CVs or profiles. That's why we chose TieTalent to target the most suitable candidates with the necessary skills, motivation, and experience to join our team, and streamline our recruitment process.”

Jenifer Tur, Talent Consultant in QoQa
JeniferTalent Consultant at QoQa

Hiring Made Simple

Simplifying the hiring process was made possible with TieTalent for Jenifer and QoQa. Between November 2021 and February, they hired three new tech team members during the Christmas and New Year periods.

With the help of Sofia and Lisa, Jenifer was able to find two backend developers and one product owner. Though it may seem like a small number, Jenifer and QoQa value efficient and intelligent hiring, prioritizing quality over quantity.

Above all, they aim to streamline the hiring process to recruit talented individuals who can contribute to delivering the best special offers in Switzerland.

QoQa team

The Future of QoQa

QoQa has recently moved to Lausanne's “QG” in April 2022, signaling their readiness to continue expanding their offerings and exploring new verticals. As the e-commerce industry in Switzerland is revolutionized by their continued growth, exciting opportunities arise to join their dynamic team.

QoQa highly values its team members and promotes a workplace that emphasizes value-driven benefits, such as:

  • SuitcaseHybrid work environment
  • CommunicationHolacratic structure
  • ClockFlexible hours
  • MedalInnovative, entrepreneurial mindset
  • SettingsAgile methodology
  • PersonAfter-work drinks and team-building events

If you're a driven tech professional looking to join QoQa's next chapter, create your free TieTalent profile to become part of their incredible team!

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