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Hire Cybersecurity Specialists in Switzerland

Top Cybersecurity Specialists in Switzerland Ready to Start Now:

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    Patrick Reynolds
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    • Lives in Geneva, Switzerland
    • Available to start immediately
    • Cyber Security Specialist (14 yrs.)
    • English (Mother tongue - C2)
      French (Mother tongue - C2)
      Italian (Upper Intermediate - B2)
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    Josefa Stamm
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    • Lives in Opfikon, Zürich, Switzerland
    • Open to work in Sion
    • Available to start within 1 month
    • Cyber Security Specialist (16 yrs.)
    • Cloud Computing
      Cyber Security
    • English (Fluent - C1)
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    Wilmer Spencer
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    • Lives in Fribourg, Switzerland
    • Open to work in Switzerland
    • Available to start within 3 months
    • Cyber Security Specialist (18 yrs.)
      Backend (20 yrs.)
      Data Engineer (20 yrs.)
      Fullstack (14 yrs.)
      Machine Learning (2 yrs.)
      Solutions Architect (3 yrs.)
    • Java
      Spring Boot
      MSSQL Server
      Oracle Database
      Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
    • Japanese (Elementary - A2)
      English (Fluent - C1)
      Italian (Mother tongue - C2)
      French (Fluent - C1)
      German (Upper Intermediate - B2)

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Lynn Müller

Lynn Müller

Head of Sales

As the sales team lead in the Swiss market, Lynn combines creativity and expertise to achieve numerous successful placements across various industries. With an in-depth knowledge of the Tech and Marketing job market, Lynn has a proven track record of helping clients attract and retain top talent.

Sofia Bedonni

Sofia Bedonni

Senior Client Executive

With her extensive expertise, Sofia has a proven track record of understanding and addressing her clients’ needs and matching them with top talent in the Swiss-French market. A strategic thinker and natural communicator, Sofia consistently exceeds expectations and delivers results that drive business growth.

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