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  • What is TieTalent?

    TieTalent matches top talents in IT and Digital Marketing with innovative hiring companies in Switzerland, Germany and France via a curated marketplace of vetted tech talents. We have a growing pool of superstar developers and digital marketing gurus. You will now save time & money on your hiring process. Simply create your account, indicate the candidates you are looking for and start getting matched with your prospective employees.

  • Why should I use TieTalent?

    TieTalent offers you an innovative yet simple, cost-effective and more efficient way of hiring your talents or freelancers. Our platform gives you instant access to a great pool of vetted tech talents matching your hiring needs. We are developing machine learning models that will help us better understand your needs, and make the best recommendations accordingly.

  • What contract types can I recruit for?

    Our clients are recruiting on TieTalent for permanent, try & hire, temporary, and freelance missions.

General use

  • How do I join TieTalent?

    Simply create your account, indicate the positions you recruit in general, and tell us a bit about your company. In order to ensure that our clients have a great experience, we need to evaluate the match between the company's values/needs and TieTalent's marketplace.

  • What kind of support do you offer?

    Every single client is assigned a dedicated Talent Agent that will provide them assistance throughout their hiring journey on our marketplace. Once your account is approved, your dedicated Talent Agent will reach out to discuss your needs.

  • How much does it cost to have an account on TieTalent?

    Having an account on TieTalent is free. We will only take a fee on a success basis per recruitment you make thanks to our tech recruitment platform. For further price explanations, you can either create an account and get contacted by our Talent Agent or simply give us a call and setup a meeting with the Talent Agent.

  • Can I keep my recruitment need confidential?

    Yes! No one will know you are recruiting except the candidates you contact.

  • Can I use TieTalent in my city?

    At the moment TieTalent assists companies who are hiring in Switzerland, Germany and France

Candidate selection

  • What kind of candidates are on TieTalent?

    Currently, TieTalent mainly focuses on IT candidates and freelancers such as Data Scientists, Cyber Security Engineers, Developers, Data Analyst, etc., and on Digital Marketing talents such as SEO/SEM Analyst, Social Media Managers/Community Managers, Digital Analyst, etc. The majority of our talents have at least 2-3 years of experience as our focus is junior to middle level management profiles.

  • How do you vet your talents?

    We use a unique combination between human and algorithm based pre-screening process that will review candidate’s profiles and provide relevant matches according your requirements (skills, location, languages, etc.).

  • How much time should I count to recruit someone?

    Once you have a recruitment need, TieTalent allows you to be in touch with your prospective employees or freelancers within a few clicks. The recruitment timing will then depend on your hiring policy, varying from a few hours to a few weeks.

  • How can I contact the candidates that interest me?

    You can utilize our internal scheduling tool in order to organize the interview processes with the prospective candidates.

  • How do I find the candidates for my need?

    In order to be matched with candidates, you will first need to create an open position on TieTalent. Thanks to this information, our matching system will be able to propose you several candidates matching your need. Don't get demotivated if you only get a few results, please keep in mind that we have new candidates subscribing on the platform every day.

Best Practices

  • How to get the most out of TieTalent?

    Be attractive. Fill out all the fields from your profile (about the company, values, picture, etc.) in order to be more friendly in the face of candidates. Be attentive. As soon as you see a candidate you like, don't wait to send them an interview request. They receive many requests on a daily basis, so make sure you don't lose a chance with one of them. Be persistent. Don’t get gloomy if a candidate turns down your interview request. Companies usually send 5+ interview requests before finding their future employee. Be honest. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service, but we expect you to follow our Terms and Conditions.

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