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(Geschlossen)Booming Swiss Startup

Product Manager

  • Product Owner / Product Manager
  • FR
  • Product Owner / Product Manager
  • FR



The company specializes in the development of cutting-edge SaaS solutions. They are looking for a product manager to join their team and take charge of an exciting project.

Vergünstigungen und Benefits

  • A full remote position
  • A growing company with real opportunities for development and training courses offered
  • Culture of innovation and exciting projects


Wer Sie sind

  • Great sensitivity to fluid, efficient user paths, to be built and improved by combining intuition, common sense and collected data.
  • Ability to write in full detail the User Stories that the tech team will need to implement the features.
  • Analytical and results-oriented, with a focus on data to make informed decisions.
  • You have knowledge of web marketing levers in general (SEA, SEO, affiliation, etc.).
  • You may even have knowledge/skills in growth and CRO
  • You like to constantly optimise.
  • You have an analytical mind. Test, learn & repeat mode.
  • French (B2) and English (B2-C1) required

Ihre Aufgaben

  • Working with the CPO to define the vision and strategy for existing and future products
  • Designing clear and detailed product roadmaps, aligned with the company's objectives, writing functional specifications and briefs for the operational, technical and design teams
  • Implement, analyse and test in order to optimise the user experience and maximise the performance of our acquisition.
  • Rigorously monitoring developments and production launches, and ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget
  • Rigorously monitoring product performance, analysing key metrics (in particular development costs, feature usage analysis, impact on conversion, retention, LTV) and recommending actions to improve them
  • Monitoring the competition and market trends, in order to evaluate ideas to feed into the roadmap
  • France


  • Product Owner / Product Manager


  • French
  • English
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