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Find Social Media Coordinator jobs in Switzerland and Germany

A social media coordinator is a digital marketing specialist in charge of implementing a company’s social media strategy. The goal is to improve a brand’s online presence and increase user engagement. Social media coordinators develop, implement, and monitor strategies that are in line with this goal.

This is a position that is gaining momentum as companies increasingly conduct their business online.

In more detail

This is a position that requires a lot of research into the customer base in order to understand their preferences. It is also important that they stay on top of current social media trends. Armed with this knowledge, social media coordinators can go on to develop strategies that best target their audience. They are tasked with creating engaging content that is shared online, including text, images, and videos.

They must adapt the content according to the social medium they are posting to. When it comes to written content, it is important that the social media coordinator creates it with SEO best practices in mind. They are frequently in charge of interacting with the online communities around the brand, and must facilitate customer queries and feedback.

Measuring web traffic and scheduling social media posts are important aspects of this work, and social media coordinators must be familiar with the appropriate tools.

The necessary skills to be a social media coordinator include multitasking, an analytical mindset, and good time-management capacities. Deep knowledge of digital marketing and social media is paramount. As such, a degree in Marketing, Digital Marketing, or Communication is a frequent requirement. Knowledge of SEO is necessary, and candidates must be capable of conducting market research and staying up to date on trends.

Familiarity with Google Analytics is necessary in order to measure web traffic. Furthermore, social media coordinators are excellent communicators and capable of adapting their writing style to different social media. Proficiency with various image and video editing tools is a big plus.

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