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Find Graphic Designer jobs in Switzerland and Germany

A graphic designer communicates ideas through images and designs. They create visual concepts such as logos, illustrations, photos, and layouts. They are usually responsible for the design of advertisements, magazines, brochures, and even corporate reports. Additionally, their work can be hand-drawn, or they may make use of computer software. Though companies mainly seek in-house graphic designers, this position is increasingly offered on a freelance basis.

In more detail

Graphic designers must have a detailed understanding of the client’s or art director’s demands for a specific project and the audience they are targeting. This involves communicating with the different parties and defining a strategy for the visual content and message they want to deliver.

Graphic designers work with text and images alike, deciding on the optimal presentation of various content. They produce a range of different communication materials, including designs, illustrations, advertisements, texts, in line with the pre-determined theme and tone of the project. As such, they must have a good understanding of design principles, and experience using different graphics editing software. Overall, the goal is to communicate ideas in an appealing way, contribute to the image of the company or product, and increase user engagement. The designs may be specifically targeted for various forms of media, both online and in print.

It goes without saying that hands-on experience in art is an absolute must for the position of a graphic designer. Companies frequently ask for a university degree in Graphic Design, Animation, or a related field. However, this is not always required, and equivalent experience in art may be sufficient.

Knowledge of and experience with editing software such as Photoshop and After Effects is paramount. Additionally, organisation and problem-solving skills are important for the role of a graphic designer, as are good communication skills. A degree of flexibility is required to accept and adapt to feedback. Finally, all applicants must have a portfolio of select projects they contributed, to provide a sample of their work.

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