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Find Information Technology jobs in Switzerland

Information Technology comprises a rather large number of different possible career paths.

At a global level, it refers to jobs that ensure the smooth operation of a company’s IT functions. For example, network and system administrators are roles that fall into this category. The same is true for database administrators and engineers, desktop support specialists, salesforce developers, and even solutions engineers and architects.

Problem-solving plays a significant part in all Information Technology jobs. It is also important to have good communication skills as most of these positions require collaborating with different parties.

Positions in network and system administration are focused on installing, upgrading, maintaining, and managing a company’s networks and computer systems. For these roles, it is generally required to have at least an undergraduate degree in Information Technology, and particularly in Information Systems or Computer Science. Further certifications on specific software products can give candidates an advantage in their job search.

Some management and leadership experience may be required: depending on the seniority of the position and company size, sysadmins may be in charge of leading and training teams.

Solutions architects design solutions that help companies meet their business objectives. When it comes to solutions engineering or architecture, experience in software development is necessary. It is also important to have a deep understanding of different technologies, tools, and programming languages. As this is a rather senior position, multi-year experience in software or systems architecture roles is necessary. Having a good understanding of business value creation is a further asset. Finally, leadership qualities and good communication skills are necessary to succeed in these kinds of roles.

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