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Employee Marketing 101: How to Attract and Retain Top Talent

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To increase your company's appeal on the labor market and differentiate yourself from competitors, implementing effective employee marketing strategies is crucial.

With the advancing shortage of skilled workers, it is becoming increasingly important to position companies well in order to attract and retain qualified talent.

We want to explain how this can be achieved with expert employee marketing, what the goals of employee marketing are, and what the differences are between internal and external employee marketing.

Functions of Employee Marketing

Functions of Employee Marketing

The tasks of employee marketing are closely related to the creation of the employer brand, i.e., employer branding.

It is primarily concerned with presenting the company attractively and making the working environment for employees as comfortable as possible in order to prevent high employee turnover.

According to the definition of employee marketing, these measures ensure a certain amount of qualified talents in the respective applicant group.

An Overview of the Functions:

  • To retain existing employees.

A good working relationship increases employee motivation and employees decide to work for the company for a longer time. In addition, they have a positive impression of the company and can recommend vacant positions to acquaintances, relatives, or friends.

  • To attract talented applicants.

With a successful employer brand, the company also becomes more attractive to young applicants, who will then choose your company rather than go to a competing company. Consequently, your company's image will also be polished, awareness will increase, and you can easily create a large talent pool.

Goals of Employee Marketing

Goals of Employee Marketing

In employee marketing, the goals of classic marketing are directed at the company's own staff in order to bind them to the company for as long as possible.

While in marketing a product is adapted to the needs of the consumer, in people marketing the focus is on the requirements of existing and future employees and the goals are set accordingly.

This increases the motivation of employees and sparks the interest of new talents.

Smart employee marketing allows the employee to identify with the company's goals. It also strengthens the company's image and creates positive associations with the company for outsiders. However, it is important that companies credibly convey the benefits of their workplace and do not make false promises.

External and Internal Employee Marketing

In the concept of employee marketing, the tasks and goals go in two different directions: internally and externally. For this reason, a distinction is made between internal and external personnel marketing.

Objectives of Internal Employee Marketing

Objectives of Internal Employee Marketing

The goals of internal personnel marketing are directed at satisfying employees and their needs.

Motivated employees perform better and are more productive, which of course benefits your company.

Another benefit is the fact that satisfied employees don't look for a new job.

So you can save resources in recruitment.

If the reputation of the company is also good internally, this will be carried externally and this will arouse the interest of new applicants.

Summary of The Goals:

  • Increase employee motivation and productivity through satisfaction.
  • Retain employees to the company and avoid high turnover.
  • Secure future managers within the company.

Objectives of External Workforce Marketing

Objectives of External Workforce Marketing

The main objective of external personnel marketing is to attract and acquire new talent for an organization in a sustainable manner.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to acquire suitable personnel for vacant positions due to the declining birth rate.

With external personnel marketing measures, you draw attention to your company and thus secure enough qualified applicants to fill positions more quickly and permanently.

Summary of The Goals:

  • Strengthen the employer image to stand out from the competition.
  • Increase visibility of the company so more people apply.
  • Minimize time and resources spent on recruiting activities.

Overview of Employee Marketing Methods

Overview of Employee Marketing Methods

For a company to appear attractive to the outside world, the reputation within the company must first be strengthened. To achieve the goals of internal personnel marketing, there are a number of effective measures that your company can apply.

Most employees want their workplace to allow freedom and to have a pleasant working atmosphere.

Additionally, an open corporate culture and fair benefits for employees are valued. Furthermore, a good job should also provide opportunities for advancement and training.

To achieve the goals of external employee marketing, communicating the positive employer brand is most important.

Your company can achieve this through efficient application processes and a pleasant candidate journey.

You'll also score points with applicants if you can demonstrate good entry-level offers and actively communicate with new talent.

Examples of Successful Employee Marketing

Examples of Successful Employee Marketing

Companies can use image campaigns to raise their profile and highlight their positive attributes. In this way, the desired target group can be addressed directly.

More and more companies are relying on an agile recruitment process that also involves social media.

In this way, particularly young applicants can be reached more quickly. As a company, you should also be present at job fairs or other events to actively market your company.

Within the company, you will gain credit primarily through open communication with your employees.

Regular satisfaction questionnaires or meetings are the best measures to find any weak points of your company.

Management style should signal respect and loyalty to employees. It is also important to show appreciation for your employees' performance in the form of kudos or other recognition.

What Are the Challenges of Employee Marketing?

What Are the Challenges of Employee Marketing?

The goals of employee marketing encompass not only the recruitment process but also all personnel activities and development, requiring effective planning and a holistic approach. It involves both internal and external measures, which must be viewed as a cohesive unit that interacts with one another. Achieving these goals requires expertise and dedication.

The Importance of Internal and External Personnel Marketing for Companies

The Importance of Internal and External Personnel Marketing for Companies

With smart external and internal employee marketing, companies pursue two main goals:

Presenting a positive image of their company to the outside world and retaining qualified personnel within the company.

By increasing the attractiveness of your company, you successfully attract new applicants and are able to fill vacant positions in a timely manner.

If employees feel well in your company, they will stay there long-term and do a good job. So the measures are aimed in two different directions that interact with each other.

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