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The 10 Best Tips for Motivating Employees

The labor market is in a constant state of flux, and with it, employees' attitudes towards their jobs are always changing.

While it used to be common practice to stay in the same job until retirement age, the working population now has far more options available to find the ideal job. Of course, the declining birth rate and shortage of skilled workers also play a crucial role here.

In order to retain workers for a longer period of time and increase their productivity, team leaders must be able to motivate employees.

We've therefore compiled the best tips for increasing employee motivation and why they're so effective.

Why Is Employee Motivation So Important?

Both employees and employers benefit from increased employee motivation.

Since we spend a large part of our lives working, our job contributes significantly to our quality of life if we enjoy it. When employees are more motivated, they enjoy their work more, which also increases their overall satisfaction with their own lives.

This has positive effects on health. The risks of mental stress, burnout and depression reduce significantly.Good health, in turn, has a positive effect on motivation and satisfaction. This is what we'd call a "virtuous circle".

For employers, it means worrying less about absenteeism. Satisfied employees are more productive, creative, and efficient. This has already been proven by quite a few studies. Additionally, satisfied employees stay longer at their jobs and do not look for other opportunities. The company's competitiveness and profitability thus increase.

In summary:

  • Motivated employees are more satisfied.
  • Satisfaction has positive effects on their health.
  • Good health promotes motivation and satisfaction.
  • Sick days are reduced.
  • Productivity and innovation increase.
  • All of these factors foster company growth and success.

What Really Motivates Your Employees?

Many companies assume that bonuses and promotion opportunities are the best ways to motivate employees. But money alone has long since ceased to motivate employees. With the growing importance of information processing and new communication technologies, the corporate structure is also changing enormously.

Employees are focusing on flexibility, speed and individuality so that they can make better use of their own skills.

This is also confirmed through a study conducted by Oxford University: poor communication, a poor work environment, and a lack of opportunities for development were most frequently cited as disruptive factors for employees.

Creating and maintaining a good corporate culture involves a lot more than just financial compensation.

The 10 Best Tips for Employee Motivation

We've compiled the best tips for you on how team leaders can increase employee motivation.

Flexible Working Hours

There are many lifestyles, and each person feels productive at a different time. While some appreciate the early morning hours, others find working in the afternoon far more enjoyable.

Therefore, creating fixed hours can be a hindrance and lower productivity. Especially for employees with families and for young people, rigid working hours are often a reason to change jobs.

Young people want free time to pursue their hobbies, while families are dependent on the opening hours of daycare centers.

Freedom to Think and Be Creative

Permanent pressure from employers and constant checks are anything but motivating. This can lead to stress and insecurity among employees who may feel that they don't have the trust of their team leader.

Team members should have the freedom to develop creatively. When this trust is established, motivation increases and simultaneously reduces the workload for team leaders. Win-win.

Good Working Atmosphere

In a good working atmosphere, employees can realize their full potential. A pleasant work environment will typically include: a relaxed atmosphere where employees are valued, communication is open, and employees from different hierarchical levels support each other.

Make sure your company has enough staff, clearly defined tasks, and a fair pay office mentality.


Praise is a good way to motivate employees, and it is also completely free. Praising an entire team is considered particularly effective, as the entire team is addressed, and this increases overall cohesion.

Of course, praise can also be given individually in staff meetings to acknowledge the personal performance of a team member. However, don't overdo it with compliments. Otherwise, employees will get too used to them and the positive influence they have will decrease over time.

The Right Leadership Style

Excessive authority in the workplace has negative consequences and does nothing to increase motivation. As a team leader, you are the role model for your employees and should act accordingly.

There is no one ideal leadership style for all areas of the company, so you should always be adaptive and respond to the individual needs of your team.

Training Opportunities

Employees feel particularly motivated when they can use and develop their personal strengths. This also increases appreciation between team members and leaders.

For this reason, companies should always provide training opportunities in order to fully maximize their team members' potential. This, in turn, provides added value and benefits the company in the long run.

An Appealing Workplace

Cramped spaces and monotony limit creativity and increase frustration in the workplace. So make sure your workspaces are well-organized and encourage out-of-the-box thinking.

Workers appreciate being allowed to change work locations within the office at times, or even work from home on occasion.


Even though we explained above that money should not be the only motivator, bonuses are of course still a factor which can increase motivation. Cross-job performance should be rewarded with bonuses to increase satisfaction and improve the quality of life among employees.

Good Communication

Misunderstandings in the workplace make for bad moods and poor performance. Company decisions should be communicated transparently to team members, so they don't feel left out of the company.

This can be achieved, for example, by holding larger meetings with team members from various departments in which new updates are presented.

Culinary Delights

As banal as it may sound, a good coffee machine in the office immediately puts people in a good mood. After all, coffee is loved all around the world and it keeps colleagues awake and mentally fit.

A tasty fruit basket and some nibbles are also usually very well received by employees. It won't cost an arm and a leg, but employee happiness and satisfaction will be greater for it.


Increasing employee motivation involves not only financial benefits but also other aspects such as a good working atmosphere, open communication, and the right management style.

Companies that respond to the needs of their employees see higher profits, grow faster, and stay ahead of the competition. Motivated employees are not only more productive and healthier, but also stay loyal to your company longer.

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