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12 Important Digital Marketing Trends for 2023 to Keep an Eye Out For

Marketing is a constantly evolving field.

New technologies pop up every day, and professionals of all levels have to stay on top of digital marketing trends by constantly learning new skills.

Yes, digital marketing is one of the most exciting areas of business because it’s always changing and growing, with exciting new job possibilities at seemingly every corner.

As new platforms emerge and new techniques are tried out, you need to keep up with the trends if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

Top digital marketing trends for 2023

Here are some of the most important digital marketing trends for 2023 for you to bring on your A game.

1. Voice Search

Voice search is on the rise, with 71% of consumers preferring to conduct queries by voice instead of typing.

But don’t be fooled. Voice search is nothing new and has been around since the dawn of Siri and Alexa. It was only in 2019 that it became mainstream. It’s estimated that more than 50% of all searches will be voice-based by 2023.

It’s important to understand how this can impact your business. This means that you need to be prepared for this trend if you want your business to thrive online in the year ahead.

What does this mean for you concretely?

With the voice search craze, brands need to consider how they can optimize their content for voice search and improve their SEO efforts.

If you haven’t already done so, optimize your website for voice search by adding a transcript or a text version of your content.

2. Social Media Automation

Another major trend that will continue in 2023 is social media automation.

Many brands are already using automation software to manage their accounts and engage with followers on social media. This trend will only continue as more brands look to expand their reach without increasing staff levels or costs.

Social media automation tools allow businesses to scale up their management efforts without having to hire more employees or spend more money on managing accounts manually.

However, we want to stress that automation tools can be potentially dangerous – you could get your account flagged or even banned! So be sure to find reputable tools that won’t jeopardize your brand’s reputation.


Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) are also becoming increasingly popular with consumers as they seek out immersive experiences that give them added value from brands they love.

  • VR offers an immersive experience for customers who want to see how products look in real life
  • AR gives customers access to a product before purchasing it
  • MR combines these two platforms into one experience by incorporating both video and interactive elements into an experience (such as with the Metaverse) — all without leaving the comfort of your home or office

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Small Businesses

Adding to the above digital marketing trend, by 2023, the technology behind AI will become more accessible for small businesses through services.

AI is not exactly new, but it has made significant progress over the last several years.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more accessible for small businesses with AIaaS (AI as a service). This means that, similar to website builders, specialized firms allow people to build their own AI models without code.

5. Real-Time Messaging Platforms

Real-time messaging platforms like Slack and Facebook Messenger are becoming more popular for both consumers and brands. In fact, a recent survey found that 9 out of 10 consumers prefer to use messaging apps over email when communicating with a brand.

Brands are jumping on this trend by integrating their messaging platforms into their sales funnels, allowing prospects to easily follow up with leads and customers in real time. This direct communication allows marketers to improve customer retention rates by providing instant service from anywhere at any time.

For example, Uber uses real-time messaging to connect riders with drivers through Uber’s driver app. The company also has an integrated chatbot feature that lets you schedule rides without having to download yet another app or use your phone’s calendar system.

6. Chatbots

Similar to the above digital marketing trend, Chatbots are real-time messengers, but in this case, exclusively managed by bots (while real-time messaging can be performed by humans).

Chatbots can help automate processes such as answering FAQs or initiating basic transactions like ordering products online or checking inventory levels at brick-and-mortar locations.

A recent study showed that companies using chatbots saw an average increase in sales conversions of 67% over those who did not use them at all!

7. Google Analytics 4

The new version of Google's analytics tool has been launched and is being used by many businesses to better understand KPIs and conduct more informed business decisions.

One of the most important reasons for this is that it provides more detailed insights into the behavior of your audience.

The new functionality of Google Analytics 4 includes:

  • Enhanced user experience. The interface has been redesigned to make it easier to navigate and use.
    • The new features include a dashboard that gives you an overview of all your data at a glance, updated reports, and a new user interface (UI) to improve overall usability.
  • Easy analysis and visualizations. You can now create charts based on any metric, which makes it easier to spot trends in your data over time, such as bounce rate over time or revenue by source.
    • The data can be viewed graphically or as a table with filters so you can find patterns in your data quickly and easily identify opportunities for improvement based on real-time results rather than historical information alone.
  • Integrated cross-channel reporting across Google platforms. This means that if you have multiple websites using Google Analytics, all information from these sites will be combined into one report so you can see how different channels affect each other.

8. Customer Experience (CX)

The customer experience is the most important aspect of any business and it is becoming more and more important for brands to focus on their customers' needs, rather than their own.

Customers want to be engaged with a brand that understands their needs, wants, and desires — which means brands need to listen more, engage with them and provide a better experience overall.

This will allow brands to create long-lasting relationships with customers by understanding what they want and how they want it delivered.

9. Personalization

Adding on to the above digital marketing trend for 2023, customers want personalized experiences when shopping with brands.

They expect to be able to shop on mobile devices or desktop computers and have their shopping experience tailored specifically for them based on their preferences and past purchases.

For example, if you bought something from a certain brand before and liked it, then the next time you visit their site, you should see similar products at the top of your list because they know what you like — this is personalization in action!

As consumers spend more time online — particularly on mobile devices — advertisers are able to track their behavior more closely, including where they go online, what websites they visit and what kinds of products interest them most.

This allows you to create highly targeted ads that resonate better with your audience.

10. Rise in Outsourcing to Specialized Digital Marketing Agencies

As new technologies emerge, companies will look for experts who know how to use them effectively.

For example, as stated before, artificial intelligence (AI) has been available for some time, but many organizations are just now starting to realize its potential for improving customer experience and conversions.

The best way for these companies to take advantage of AI (fast) is by outsourcing this work to an agency that specializes in such things as chatbots or voice-activated devices like Alexa or Siri.

This allows businesses to focus on their core competencies, while still delivering exceptional customer experiences.

11. Social Media Platforms Will Continue to Dominate Search Engine Rankings

Did you know that nearly 40% of young people—ages 18 to 24—are turning to visual-based social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram for their internet searches?

That trend isn't going away anytime soon because social media remains one of the most important factors driving traffic back to websites from organic search results.

12. Video Content Will Be More Popular Than Ever Before

We can't talk about TikTok without touching upon the growth of video content.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably aware that video content is one of the most popular forms of social media marketing right now (and this digital marketing trend is only expected to grow in 2023).

It’s important for businesses to take advantage of this trend by creating engaging videos that resonate with their target audience. This means making the most of your current content by repurposing it.

Content ideas that can be turned into videos:

  • Popular blog posts
  • Explain what your business does and how you can serve your audience
  • Add explainer videos to your homepage, about page, services page, etc.
  • Introduce your team and company culture

Video content is popular because it’s easy to digest and engaging. According to Hubspot, “video is processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.” The fact that videos are so much easier for people to process means that they have a greater impact on your audience.

Additionally, video content gets more shares than text-based content because videos are easier to share on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Keep an eye out for these digital marketing trends and make the most out of your campaigns

To ensure that you are on top of the ever-changing trends in the digital marketing world, be sure you find a digital marketing trend that fits your needs.

By becoming an informed digital marketer, you'll be better equipped to plan for the trends that will shape digital marketing over the next five years.

This will help you grow your business for continued success in the future.

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