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The 7 Best Methods For Employee Recruitment

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Without quality employees, a company won’t succeed in the long run. Qualified employees who join your company are indispensable. In this article, you will learn what is crucial in employee recruiting and which measures you can use to attract the best and most desirable talents.

If your recruitment strategy is planned and implemented correctly, you no longer have to hope for a suitable applicant, but can instead choose the best talent to join your growing team.

What Is Recruiting Anyway?

What Is Recruiting Anyway?

The English term "recruiting" means "hiring" or "employee acquisition". This refers to the advertising and hiring of new employees. The goal is to find the best candidate for an open position in the company. This requires a search, which companies can conduct in a variety of ways.

And what else is recruiting? It is a challenge, because companies should make themselves as attractive as possible when it comes to recruiting in order to find highly skilled applicants.

How Does Successful Recruiting Work?

How Does Successful Recruiting Work?

The job market is currently suffering from a shortage of skilled workers. Many vacancies remain unfilled for months because companies cannot find suitable candidates. This makes it all the more important for companies to invest in proper recruitment activities.

But what characterizes successful recruiting? In order to better understand this, we’ve divided recruiting into four categories: internal recruitment, external recruitment, active recruitment, and passive recruitment.

Types of personnel recruiting

Staff recruitment is divided into internal hiring and external hiring, while general recruitment processes can be categorized into active recruitment and passive recruitment.

Internal Recruitment

Internal recruiting describes positions that are advertised within the company. This means that a company fills the position with an existing employee.

External Recruitment

External recruiting means that suitable candidates are found outside of the company. The job posting is made public and basically anyone is open to apply.

Passive Recruitment

Passive recruiting can be considered the most classic form of recruitment. For example, a company makes a job posting and waits for applications to show up in their inbox. Passive recruiting is used to target active candidates on the job market.

Active Recruitment

Active recruiting describes the process by which a company actively approaches suitable candidates in the job market. These potential new employees are passive and do not currently apply to companies. An example of this is headhunting.

Which recruiting method is best?

Which type of personnel recruiting is best for a company? This depends on a variety of factors. For example, active recruiting is often necessary—especially for highly competitive skilled workers—even though it usually costs companies more money.

Phases of The Recruiting Process

Phases of The Recruiting Process

Recruiting can be divided into the following stages:

  1. Defining job requirements
  2. Publishing job description; recognizing and inviting suitable candidates to apply
  3. Receiving and evaluating applications
  4. Contacting attractive talents
  5. Vetting talents
  6. Conducting interviews
  7. Making offers
  8. Signing contracts
  9. Integrating new employees into the company

How much effort and time is needed in a given phase can be very individual.

The 7 Best Methods For Employee Recruitment

The 7 Best Methods For Employee Recruitment

Although many companies receive numerous applications in response to their job postings, they rarely find the most suitable candidate.

If you want to secure the best talents, consider following these tips and tactics.

1. Write an exceptional job advertisement

A well-written job ad is key to the success of employee recruiting. Your job ad should stand out from the crowd, appeal to applicants, and give candidates an idea of what to expect.

When writing the ad, do not use standard job adverts as a guideline. Talents have already read enough of these. Instead, be creative and try to surprise the reader. This way you will get more attention, stick in people's minds and increase the chances of having a substantial talent pool to choose from.

2. Appeal to people

Keep in mind that you are still talking to people. Think about what makes people move. Job descriptions are often very factual and cold. Bring in warmth and stir up emotion. This way, you'll sweep applicants along before they even learn more about your company.

To do this, you need to be clear about what you’re looking for in the ideal candidate when you're setting the job description. Do you need a conscientious employee who loves structure, or do you expect a doer who is assertive and excited to try new things?

3. Do things differently

If you do everything the same as everyone else, you will have the same problem as they do – namely, not finding suitable talent. Therefore, be different. Dare to do things that other companies are not even thinking about.

What could that be? Well, for example:

  • Tailoring the tasks in the advertised job to the applicant's talents and strengths — That way, the new employee won't have to take on tasks they don't like to do or find difficult.
  • In the job posting, mention qualities that an applicant doesn't need – By doing this, you will gain the candidate's attention and encourage them to apply, even if they are not perfect or do not have every single competence needed for the role.

Also be sure to showcase your company values and culture in order to further stand out among potential hires.

4 Make an unexpected offer

Why should the best candidates choose you? Stand out from other companies and make an offer that no one would expect. For example, consider:

  • A personalized professional development budget
  • An automatic salary increase after a certain period of time
  • New work equipment, a company car or bike
  • Unlimited or significantly higher vacation days
  • Individual working hours, flextime, and home office

There are already companies that offer these and other benefits. They are using this as a successful recruiting measure to find top talents.

5 Keep it simple

To apply for a job at your company, does a candidate have to go through a long process on your website or upload dozens of documents? Instead, try to keep it simple as that will scare off the best applicants.

What do you really need to determine if the candidate is suitable or not? Isn't a resume and a few short sentences enough to get a first impression about the applicant?

Or you could make recruiting in your company even easier. At TieTalent, we match you together with attractive candidates based on your hiring needs — no strings attached.

6. Employer Branding

Employer branding is akin to marketing your products or services, except here you promote your company as an employer to appeal to potential employees.

Convey the work culture of your company, what employees can expect and benefit from, and give reasons why a job with you is unique and attractive.

Remember: you should build an image as an employer so that applicants think of you not when they read a job posting, but when they first think of a new job. This will also increase the number of unsolicited applications you receive outside of your job ads.

7. Social Recruiting

You can no longer limit your search for new employees to job portals and job fairs. Honestly, everyone uses social media these days. You should also be where your top talent is and let them know that you are looking for them to join your team.

And if you're looking for a whole new way to find a suitable employee online, you can use a tech jobs marketplace like TieTalent.

Successful Employee Recruiting – Thanks to TieTalent

Successful Employee Recruiting – Thanks to TieTalent

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