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8 Tips for Video Recruiting: How Does It Work and What Makes a Good Video?

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In the increasingly fierce battle for the best talents, companies need to become more resourceful to set themselves apart from the competition and attract as many qualified applicants as possible.

One method that is becoming increasingly popular is video recruiting.

With creative videos tailored to your target audience, you can reach applicants on a variety of platforms and strengthen your image as a company.

We show you which type of videos are well-received by talents and which features you should pay attention to. In addition, we give you a few tips that you too can use to create a cool video.

What is Video Recruiting?

What is Video Recruiting?

With a recruitment video, candidates become aware of job openings and are encouraged to apply.

So, it's basically a job ad in video format.

In the video, the open position is presented in detail, usually by the employees from the department. Thus, candidates get a better impression of what the daily work routine looks like and what requirements they should perform.

To provide more authenticity, you can even film parts of meetings or team activities after work.

How is Video Recruiting different from Corporate Video?

Video recruiting differs from a traditional corporate video because the target audience is different.

A company uses corporate videos to present itself in its entirety in order to score points with investors, partners and potential customers and to strengthen employer branding.

Why is Video Recruiting so Essential?

Why is Video Recruiting so Essential?

Recruiting campaigns that go beyond traditional job ads are increasingly in demand.

Younger generations, in particular, have grown up with various forms of media and feel more addressed by videos than by continuous texts.

The rapid spread of reels on Instagram, TikTok videos and YouTube shorts shows the importance of short video messages among young people.

Recruiting videos allow your company to present itself in a realistic, authentic, and engaging way that creatively introduces employees.

You can use videos to present complex content in a more condensed way and make information more interesting. In the field of personnel marketing, video recruiting is now one of the most effective communication tools and more and more video agencies are being asked to make a recruiting film.

A Good Video Recruiting Starts with the Target Group Analysis

A Good Video Recruiting Starts with the Target Group Analysis

Successful employer branding only works if a company knows its target group precisely and engages with it.

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, it is no longer enough to place a job ad in the newspaper and hope for applications. It is increasingly important to candidates that they identify with the company's goals and mission, so targeting is essential in the hiring process.

Develop a strategy to target specific groups and utilize recruiting channels preferred by your desired candidates.

This will save you as a company essential resources and can speed up the process considerably.

Which Target Group Can You Reach with Recruiting Videos?

Which Target Group Can You Reach with Recruiting Videos?

The answer, of course, is: young talents who have grown up with social media.

For educational institutions, videos are an ideal way to reach high school graduates.

Video recruiting is also suitable for young professionals in junior positions or to attract candidates for a trainee program.

Social recruiting has a very high value, which will continue to increase in the following years.

Professionals Production Conditions for Your Video Recruiting

Professionals Production Conditions for Your Video Recruiting

Video agencies are typically hired to produce recruitment videos. If your budget is limited, you can also try to create a short film yourself with the right technical equipment.

You should keep the following points in mind:

1. Develop a concept.

Imagine exactly which candidates you want to address with your video and which position needs to be filled. In addition, formulate core messages that you want to communicate to the applicants.

2. Design a storyboard.

You should put the individual scenes in writing to make the shoot easier.

3. Cast employees for the shoot.

Select employees who are suitable for the shoot and who are particularly knowledgeable about the position you are casting for.

4. Make sure you have good quality video for the shoot.

Find out the right format for the different social networks and try to remove disruptive noise as much as possible.

5. Put the finishing touches on the video.

Finalize the video by editing it to an appropriate length and adding music and subtitles during post-production.

Features of A Good Recruiting Video

Features of A Good Recruiting Video

Recruitment videos can present information in detail, but you should make sure that your video does not get too long and bore your target audience.

Focus on important key messages that you established in the development of your concept.

While there is no fixed length for a video, it is ideal to keep it under two minutes when simply describing the job.

When introducing the job and the employees, it should always be the actual employees to provide more transparency.

Present the daily work routine as real as possible so that candidates are not disappointed as soon as they start at your company. By making false promises, you run the risk of increasing your company's turnover rate.

8 Tips on How to Score with Your Job Ad Using Video

  • Short stories from employees resonate better with applicants than numerous facts and figures.

  • Highlight the unique advantages of your company. After all, the video aims to differentiate you from the competition.

  • Shoot several short videos rather than a single, long video.

  • Provide amusing narration in your video and go for a humorous presentation.

  • Address your candidates specifically to make them feel valued from the start.

  • Use emotional elements to score extra points with applicants.

  • Rely on the information provided by employees in the department where a position has become available. Colleagues are most familiar with the requirements and know exactly which candidates will fit into the team.

  • Try to use as many platforms as possible that are used by your target audience.

Say Goodbye to Traditional Hiring Practices

Say Goodbye to Traditional Hiring Practices

Traditional recruiting methods are no longer enough to attract young talents these days.

Social recruiting and especially video recruiting are promising alternatives to strengthen your employer brand and attract many suitable applicants to your company.

With a recruiting video you can authentically present your daily work routine and convince candidates of the open position.

If you need support in finding new talent, too, we'll be happy to help.

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