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Find Systems Administrator jobs in Switzerland

A systems administrator, also known as a sysadmin, is responsible for configuring and maintaining the computer systems of a company. They generally form part of a company’s information technology department. Depending on the size of the company, the systems administrator may also be in charge of lower-level technician staff. Though some positions are rather generalised, others require specialised knowledge in particular systems. The specific tasks of a systems administrator also vary from company to company.

In more detail

Some of a system administrator’s tasks include installing and managing the various IT components or a company’s IT infrastructure. This includes computers, servers, networks, IT security systems, and even more. They help set up and maintain user accounts, install the necessary software, and monitor system performance.

If vulnerabilities or malfunctions arise, it is up to the systems administrator to investigate and resolve them. In the case of a hardware failure, they are also responsible for repairs. Additionally, if it is deemed irreparable, or if there is a need for new IT equipment, it is generally the systems administrator that evaluates the need and is responsible for purchasing new materials. Another one of their tasks is determining the IT policies for businesses’ computer and network use. They also set up security policies, and are in charge of backups and data recovery.

For this position, it is necessary to have a degree in Information technology, or relevant prior experience. It is also possible to obtain specialisations in Network Management, Information Systems, or Database Administrations. It is also important that they are familiar with the kind of systems their company uses. An extremely important skill that systems administrators should have is problem-solving; problem-solving constitutes the main part of their role. Additionally, they must have good communication skills, as they are frequently interacting with system users.

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