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Find UX Researcher jobs in Switzerland and Germany

UX (user experience) researchers are responsible for analysing consumer behaviour to gain important insights about their interactions with various products. Their research is essential for the work of UX designers, as they provide indications for the kind of experience users expect.

Understanding the user base is extremely important for companies and has a big impact on business objectives.

In more detail

The UX researcher is in charge of developing research plans and strategies with clearly defined objectives. It may be necessary to collaborate with the product team to identify objectives and the user group they are targeting; the correct user group is essential for relevant insights. It is also up to them to develop surveys and other data collection methods that provide them with qualitative and quantitative data about the users.

Once this is complete, it is necessary to conduct data analyses to extract relevant information about user behaviour. The UX researcher must be capable of translating this information into concrete recommendations and guidelines for the design and development teams. Their research allows UX designers to create user personas that represent the typical customer and their behaviour, which then shapes their designs.

UX research is a data-heavy role, and as such requires in-depth knowledge of data collection and analysis techniques. Degrees in Business, Economics, Marketing, Computer Science, and even Psychology can segue into careers in UX research.

It is necessary to have developed research skills, a good knowledge of statistics, and creative problem-solving skills. Experience with product usability testing is a great asset and can give candidates a competitive advantage in the job market.

Furthermore, UX researchers must have good communication skills to convey their findings to the design and development teams. They build the foundation for how a product will be used, and their input is invaluable.

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