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Find UX Designer jobs in Switzerland and Germany

UX (user experience) design is focused on the interaction between users and everyday products. Though UX design can be applied to different products, it is especially used in tandem with online products. Many different disciplines come together to create an experience that is pleasant and intuitive; market research, design principles, different technologies, psychology, and business knowledge are all needed for successful UX design.

A designer specialised in this field will focus on optimising the user experience and making technologies accessible and enjoyable for people to interact with.

In more detail

The goal of UX designers is to translate customer needs into websites, applications, and features that are easy to use. This requires conducting significant research into the user base of a specific product. Having done this, they create user personas to better visualise and model user behaviour on which to base their design. Depending on their specific role, they may focus on research, business analysis, psychology, and technology.

Conversely, they may be more involved with producing wireframes and prototypes. After producing the mockups for their products, they have to conduct user testing to evaluate the designs. The work of a UX designer is frequently quite cyclical, as they alternate between creating, testing, and tweaking their designs. They are generally not responsible for the visual appearance of the product, but rather the journey that the user undergoes as they interact with it.

In order to succeed as a UX designer, it is necessary to have a solid understanding of UX design principles. If working on websites and applications, it is beneficial to hold a degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, as some programming knowledge is necessary.

They must be capable of creating wireframes and usable prototypes. An interest in psychology can be a great asset for this kind of position.

Furthermore, UX designers must be creative and good communicators.

When applying for a UX design position, it is important to have a portfolio that showcases previous projects.

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