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Find Solutions Architect jobs in Switzerland and Germany

A solutions architect is responsible for creating personalised solutions to tackle clients’ business problems. This often requires collaborating with the sales team to better understand client needs. The goal is to increase sales and ROI (Return on Investment) for the company in question. This is a position that often requires a lot of traveling, sometimes internationally, depending on the size of the company.

In more detail

The role of a solutions architect requires a lot of collaboration with different specialists to bring their solutions to life. While they may work alongside the sales team to gain insights about the client, they are frequently directly in touch with the clients themselves. From this contact, they gather information about their business needs. They are in charge of the end-to-end development process, determining the scope, budget, and deadlines for each project.

Given their technical background, they generally work from within an IT team to deliver the solutions. Solutions architects may also work with specialists from other departments to create the solution.

They are in charge of facilitating the co-operation between teams. Throughout the development process, they must document progress and continuously maintain contact with the client to ensure their needs are being met.

Solution architects must have excellent technical knowledge and multi-year experience developing IT architecture. Experience working with various Cloud technologies. It is also important to have a high-level technical degree, such as in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, or other related fields. Solution architects must also be proficient in business analysis or business intelligence in order to better understand company requirements and create corresponding solutions.

Familiarity with DevOps or other agile methodologies is hugely beneficial.

Successful solution architects have great leadership qualities and experience in project management. It is also essential to have good interpersonal and communication skills given the frequent client contact.

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Solution Architect SAP Master Data Governance (SAP MDG ) - Bern, Switzerland

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