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Find Solution Engineer jobs in Switzerland and Germany

A solution engineer’s position is related to that of the solution architect, though is more hands-on when it comes to creating solutions.

They are in charge of translating business requirements into technical products. If the solution architect designs the solution that is to be implemented for a given problem, it is up to the solution engineer to bring it to fruition.

In more detail

The global responsibilities of the solution engineer include customer collaboration and software engineering. It is necessary that they have an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs in order to build an appropriate solution. They frequently work in collaboration with other specialists to fulfill the product requirements set out by the solution architect. It is important that they collaborate with IT professionals to ensure that the project’s hardware requirements are met and can be successfully put into use. Solution engineers are in charge of delivering code that corresponds to the project requirements. As such, they are also heavily involved in testing and troubleshooting, and must document their progress throughout the development process.

Frequently, they present their solutions to the clients directly, and may even develop training programs to familiarise them with the new technology.

It is necessary to possess at least a bachelor’s degree to be eligible for this kind of position. Companies look for candidates with degrees in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and related fields, though a master’s degree is preferred.

Multi-year experience in software architecture is essential; it is often the case that technical architects are promoted to the position of solution engineer. They must be experienced in IT infrastructure development, and familiar with business analysis techniques and processes.

An understanding of business development is an asset. Solution engineers must be great problem-solvers, hard-working, and have a flair for creativity. Moreover, they must be capable of working with specific deadlines and sometimes juggling different projects at once.

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