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Find Salesforce Developer jobs in Switzerland and Germany

Salesforce is a CRM (customer relationship management) system that allows businesses to track interactions with customers. Salesforce developers are tasked with coding software or application solutions for the Salesforce platform or other Salesforce technologies. They frequently work as part of a development team to come up with solutions that are tailored to the customer.

In more detail

Salesforce developers are tasked with customising applications to fit customers’ individual needs. Three main technologies are used for this: Apex (Salesforce’s proprietary programming language), Visualforce (a markup language), and Lightning Component Framework (a UI development framework).

With the help of these, developers can create a custom experience for each client: implementing different layouts, integrating third-party platforms, and more. They are also in charge of conducting the QA testing and troubleshooting any technical issues as they arise. While their role is very technical, Salesforce developers must also have good communication skills, both written and verbal. This is because they are responsible for creating user documentation for their applications.

Additionally, a large part of their role consists of interacting with sales and marketing teams to better understand business requirements. Only with a detailed understanding of the specific client needs can the developers begin to translate them into technical solutions.

In this kind of position, programming skills and an understanding of programming concepts are essential. In particular, developers should be proficient in JavaScript, jQuery, and object-oriented programming.

Experience with AngularJS or ReactJS provides transferable knowledge when switching to working with Salesforce technologies. Knowledge of the Salesforce platform is also necessary, as is that of Lightning Web Components. The latter helps developers create web components that are compatible with the Salesforce Lightning platform.

Salesforce developers should also have developed interpersonal skills and be proficient in verbal and written communication. An understanding of business value creation can be very beneficial as well.

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