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Find Project Manager jobs in Switzerland and Germany

A project manager is in charge of one or more projects within a company. A digital project manager, or web project manager, is responsible for leading digital marketing campaigns.

Their job is to plan, oversee, and document the entire project from beginning to end. They also act as points of contact and collaborate with upper management to ensure that the project is aligned with business objectives. They may be in charge of a team or work by themselves to complete a certain project.

In more detail

The role of a digital project manager combines marketing knowledge, account management, and strategy and execution skills. Their goal is to devise strategies that help shape a brand’s identity and further the company’s objectives. The project manager may be in charge of multiple teams and specialists and must therefore create a unified project vision.

To bring the campaigns to life, they are responsible for defining the media strategies and selecting tools to accomplish them. They subsequently coordinate and manage all digital content creation. This may include blog posts, websites, press releases, videos, infographics, and more, depending on the project. Maintaining brand presence is paramount.

The project manager will usually also track the project progress and performance via specialised project management software. It is important that they stay on top of new developments and market trends to ensure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Digital project managers should have experience in project management globally, but also industry-specific knowledge. As such, a degree in Marketing or Digital Media, or an equivalent experience, is a big plus for this position. Knowledge of different digital marketing strategies is extremely important, and some knowledge of web design can come in useful.

Digital project managers are also great communicators, as they frequently liaise with various stakeholders, and must have good leadership and interpersonal skills.

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