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Find Network Administrator jobs in Switzerland and Germany

A network administrator is responsible for managing an organisation’s network. They usually represent the highest level of technical staff within a company, making it a high responsibility role.

They ensure the installation, maintenance, and upgrades of the hardware and software required to run a computer network. Overall, they are responsible for keeping networks operational, and monitoring the processes and operations within the network.

In more detail

Network administrators rarely provide direct user support, as this position is very different from that of a desktop support engineer. Rather, they are involved in high-level technical support. This means being in charge of the installation and maintenance of an organisation’s network and computer systems, monitoring their performance, and ensuring optimal function. Additionally, they must ensure the stability and security of the networks.

Another common task is making sure that the system is available to all relevant users. Whenever any issues come up with the network or its hardware, software, or various systems, it is up to the network administrator to resolve them. As such, it is a rather dynamic role that provides new challenges every day. On top of their tech-related duties, they may be responsible for training new users, assisting with projects, and writing user documentation.

A network administrator must possess a very high level of technological knowledge. Generally, this means that companies seek candidates with higher degrees in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related fields. They may also acquire relevant certificates or training related to different network hardware or software.

Some well-known organisations such as Cisco, Microsoft, and Redhat offer certificates in network organisation, for example. Additionally, network administrators must possess excellent problem-solving skills, and stay on top of new developments in the field. This means they must stay proactive in their continued education and training. Finally, they must have some management and communication skills.

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