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Find Mobile Engineer jobs in Switzerland and Germany

A mobile engineer is a software engineer specialised in building applications for mobile devices. Given that most devices run on Android or iOS, mobile engineers generally specialise in developing apps for one of these operating systems. There is increasing demand for mobile engineers and this is only expected to grow in the coming years.

In more detail

Overall, mobile engineers are responsible for developing and building software applications for mobile devices. They may be required to design multiple versions of an app in order to make it run on different devices. The same app may be available on smartphones, tablets, and even computers.

In general, they are responsible for the full delivery cycle, though they may collaborate with other IT experts throughout the development process.

They should be familiar with many design patterns and principles, and experienced in developing clean and efficient code. Testing is an essential aspect of a mobile engineer’s role, as they must ensure that the apps work as expected and meet clients’ needs. Many companies now use native apps for clients to interact with, and mobile engineers must be capable of updating these as technologies evolve.

Mobile engineers must have broad IT knowledge and, preferably, experience in mobile application development. A degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related field is generally required.

Experience in software development is necessary to work as a mobile engineer. Additionally, they must be adept at programming applications for at least one operating system. In particular, candidates must be familiar with Java and Kotlin for Android development, and Objective-C and Swift for iOS.

They must also have some experience with wireless networks. It is also important to have good analytical skills, patience, and the ability to adapt to an agile development environment.

A good understanding of UX/UI design is very beneficial for the work of a mobile application engineer.

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