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Find IT Project Manager jobs in Switzerland and Germany

An IT project manager is responsible for various IT projects and acts as their point of contact. For any given project, they are in charge of the planning, execution, tracking and monitoring, budgeting, and reporting.

Some of the projects that an IT project manager can take care of include software development, hardware installations, or data management. This position is necessary across many industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, education, and any other domain that possesses an IT component.

In more detail

Overall, IT project managers ensure that the projects are delivered on time while respecting the set budget. However, this is more complicated than it seems given the many aspects that go into this.

They must have an understanding of the IT requirements of their company before being able to develop and plan projects. It is important to identify various resources (such as financial and technical), determine goals, schedule milestones, and develop methods for measuring results.

The project manager is in charge of the full life-cycle of the project and must oversee every part of the process. They must be capable of organizing teams and assigning individual responsibilities to ensure everything runs smoothly. Furthermore, they are responsible for documenting the progress of the IT project or projects, and communicating results with upper management. They must ensure that the projects meet business and client needs.

It is possible to move into this role even without prior IT experience. Experience in general project management may allow individuals to transfer into IT project management positions. However, previous IT roles, such as IT project coordinator, or IT business analyst, allow an easier transition.

Technical knowledge is, however, necessary for this position. IT project managers have a deep understanding of various software, hardware, networks, IT infrastructure, security, and more. They have technical management skills and are capable of analysing data and providing relevant insights.

Additionally, they are strong communicators, excellent problem-solvers, and possess good leadership qualities. Companies frequently look for candidates with a degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, IT project management, or a related field.

Finally, depending on the company, experience with agile methodologies may be necessary.

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