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Find Inbound Specialist jobs in Switzerland and Germany

Inbound marketing is a specific field within digital marketing that focuses on attracting customers to the company or product via social media, blogs, branding, and SEO (search engine optimisation). It is aimed at ideal potential customers who find the company themselves.

As such, they focus on drawing customers in. This is in contrast to outbound marketing, which rather sends a message out to the audience. An inbound specialist may work from within a marketing agency or in-house at a company.

In more detail

An inbound marketing specialist must have knowledge in a range of different fields, including content, SEO, social media, SEA (Search Engine Advertising), copywriting, design, and more. However, they generally specialise in just a few of these. Overall, they must be capable of attracting customers to a website or brand with the help of digital marketing campaigns. In order to do so, they must have an understanding of the industry, their competition, and their marketing goals, and develop an inbound marketing strategy. This can include maintaining a company blog, running social media accounts, writing newsletters, and more. Most importantly, they must thoroughly research their key customers to understand their needs, conversation style, social media use, etc. Knowing this, inbound specialists can target their content to reflect different steps of the buyer’s journey and draw them towards the company’s products or services.

Successful inbound marketing specialists must be able to combine a range of skills to achieve the best results. They must have a degree in Digital Marketing, Communications, Business, or a related field. It is also essential to have experience with digital campaigns, social media management, SEO, and other inbound marketing techniques. Additionally, inbound specialists must know how to use various web analytics tools to measure the success of their campaigns.

They must stay on top of inbound marketing trends to create the best strategies to gain leads. Finally, inbound specialists must have a knack for communication, organisation, and possess excellent interpersonal skills.

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