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Find CTO / Head of Technology jobs in Switzerland and Germany

The Head of Technology is rather similar to the position of CTO (Chief Technology Officer). In fact, depending on the size of the company, they may even represent identical roles.

A company’s Head of Technology is responsible for leading all technology developments and operations. They provide technical leadership for the entire company and come up with tech solutions and strategies for business-related problems and objectives.

In more detail

Generally, the Head of Technology is in charge of maintaining the technological offering of their company and developing its technology strategy. Overall, this means having a vision for how technology achieves the company’s goals. This requires managing the technology operations, but also implementing new IT systems and policies, according to business needs.

Though sometimes this position requires supporting strategies set by upper management, frequently the Head of Technology makes the executive decisions on their own. It is important to understand the technology needs of all IT departments within the company. They are also in charge of procuring new equipment and software, ensuring cost and time efficiency for the company going forward.

Furthermore, the Head of Technology must maintain a customer-focused view of IT operations and help bring IT projects to the market. Project management skills are necessary in order to juggle all the technological, financial, and timely constraints.

To work as a Head of Technology, it is necessary to have detailed knowledge of information technology. A bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related field is required.

Some companies may ask for a master’s or even doctoral degree to access this position. Additionally, multi-year experience in IT roles with increasing responsibility is necessary. In order to excel, the Head of Technology must have an understanding of business processes, and possess leadership qualities. After all, they are in charge or multiple people and/or teams, depending on the size of the company.

Interpersonal skills also come in handy in this position, especially when communicating with various stakeholders within the company. Finally, the Head of Technology must have great problem-solving and decision-making skills, as well as a good sense of organisation.

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