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Find Head of IT Operations jobs in Switzerland and Germany

The Head of IT Operations is a senior position with many responsibilities within a company. It usually involves collaborating with the CTO (Chief Technological Officer) and other decision-makers to develop technology solutions that drive business. The Head of IT Operations manages the different IT departments relating to software, hardware, infrastructure, networks, and security.

In more detail

On a global level, the Head (or Director) of IT Operations is responsible for developing and maintaining the IT department’s strategy and ensuring it is aligned with the company’s business goals. For example, they must continuously maintain IT capability in order to reach objectives. This can include technologies related to security and risk management, and others related to the company’s function. Understandably, this varies between companies. Additionally, together with the CTO, they oversee the entire IT architecture, and implement support for the server, networks, and communications infrastructure. This includes ensuring the correct configuration, implementation, and maintenance of security firewalls, software, and data encryption. They are also in charge of disaster recovery. The ultimate goal is to improve the performance of the IT department as a whole. Finally, as a manager, they are responsible for the IT staff and their professional development.

A Head of IT Operations must have in-depth knowledge of network infrastructure technologies. They must be able to advise on the implementation of new tools and technologies to further business objectives.

The required knowledge extends to different Clouds, agile management tools, and various programming languages. Furthermore, they must have a deep understanding of CRM software, as well as knowledge of designing SQL databases.

Furthermore, the Head of IT Operations must possess good communication skills, as they frequently collaborate with the CTO, and provide instructions for the IT teams. They must also be capable of writing comprehensive reports about the functioning of the IT department. Furthermore, they must have strong attention to detail, strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, and leadership capabilities.

An understanding of business processes is necessary to be able to create the most value for the company.

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