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Find Hardware Engineer jobs in Switzerland and Germany

A computer hardware engineer is responsible for configuring a computer’s hardware. They evaluate existing systems, modify hardware components, and improve computer models.  Their main responsibility is ensuring that computers are running as quickly and efficiently as possible. They are thus responsible for designing and optimizing hardware components for computer and electrical systems.

In more detail

When it comes to the daily responsibilities of a hardware engineer, they can vary greatly depending on the project they are working on.

Generally, a hardware engineer is involved in designing hardware, testing it, documenting the development process, and improving it as needed. They work with various computer components: circuit boards, processors, routers, memory devices, and more. In particular, they design these different parts and build them, taking into consideration their size and power requirements.

Hardware engineers must always test the performance of their designs, and modify them as needed to arrive at the desired functionality. They must document the entire design process in order for others to be able to follow development, and to record all issues and fixes as they come up. Frequently, they will collaborate with other specialists to improve the design or gain new insights throughout the development process.

Computer hardware engineers must have at least a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or Electrical Engineering. Depending on how senior the position is, companies may seek candidates with a master’s degree. In general, it is good to have some experience in a similar position.

These specialists have in-depth knowledge of computer hardware, software, and electrical systems. The skills required for a computer hardware engineer position include problem-solving abilities, project management, attention to detail, and teamwork.

Finally, because collaboration and documentation are necessary components of this type of work, hardware engineers must be good communicators and capable of writing comprehensive reports.

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