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Find Gaming Engineer jobs in Switzerland and Germany

Gaming engineers are responsible for designing video games. This is an exciting position that has been gaining a lot of interest and seeing many developers specialise in this domain.

They develop gaming programs, design games, and create game mechanics according to a pre-defined story.

In more detail

In general, a gaming engineer’s role does not differ too much from that of a software engineer. However, the former works with a specific technology stack, designing programs for a range of formats, such as computers, web browsers, and mobile phones. There are many aspects to video game development, such as character design and actions, which can rely on artificial intelligence to make their behaviour as life-like as possible.

Game engineers must collaborate with the game designers to be able to bring their ideas, storyline, and drawings to life. They must therefore conform to the specifications defined by the designers, translating them into code. They may sometimes be required to construct the engine that the game will run on. Throughout the process, game engineers produce and test prototypes of different ideas and features. Once the game is complete, they are also in charge of maintaining and debugging the code.

Experience in backend software engineering is very useful for a career in game development, as many games use servers. This is especially true now that many games are played online. An added bonus is that it makes it easier for software engineers to transfer into this field. Companies do, however, generally seek candidates with a degree in Games Technology, Computer Science, or related field.

Game engineers must be proficient in C++ or other programming languages such as Java and C, and have in-depth knowledge of APIs and programming libraries.

Specialisation in artificial intelligence, 3D rendering, 3D animation, networking, or other relevant fields, is necessary. Furthermore, game engineers are creative problem-solvers, and extremely hard-working.

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