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Find Frontend Engineer jobs in Switzerland and Germany

Frontend engineers – sometimes referred to as frontend developers or designers – are the counterpart to backend engineers.

They work on the structure and design of web pages and applications. Not only must they strike a balance between the aesthetics and functionality of a website’s design, but they must also ensure that it is optimised for use on smartphones.

In more detail

The main task of a frontend engineer is developing and creating the visual elements that online users interact with. They are responsible for the entire structure and presentation of the page or website. This means coding the different elements, such as the color, layout, content, buttons, and images, according to the established website wireframe. They may also need to optimise webpages for speed and scalability. Frontend engineers communicate with clients directly to best understand their needs, and collaborate with backend engineers to help meet them. In contrast to frontend developers, those working on the backend focus on server-side elements, and therefore determine the functionality of the website or application. Frontend engineers must have an understanding of UI design, which is centered around creating a pleasant and intuitive user experience.

Typically, frontend engineers code in these three languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Depending on the specific projects they work on, they should also have knowledge of corresponding frameworks.

Though frontend engineers do not, in general, work on the server-side, they must still have an understanding of how it functions and how it may affect the display. Some knowledge of SEO principles is a plus, and experience with graphic design applications, such as Adobe Illustrator, is essential. Related to this, a flair for creativity is for this position.

Additional required skills are problem-solving and teamwork. A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or experience in a related field is necessary for many frontend engineering positions.

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