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Find Embedded Engineer jobs in Switzerland and Germany

Embedded software is software that is written for and embedded in specific hardware and non-PC devices, such as factory robots, GPSs, and some calculators. An embedded engineer is in charge

of developing and implementing this kind of software or systems. They are responsible for the entire life-cycle of the software product, from design to testing and implementation. The difference between an embedded engineer and software engineer is that the former works predominantly with hardware, and frequently designs systems for a specific device.

Additionally, they have a greater focus on safety, as the systems they design cannot fail, such as in the case of a car’s brake system.

In more detail

The responsibilities of an embedded engineer include communication, software development, and, at times, project management. They must first meet with clients to discuss product requirements and specifications. Then, they set deadlines and goals in order to deliver the software on time. They are in charge of the entire development cycle, meaning writing the code to the desired specifications, but also testing it for scalability and stability.

They may even develop the required testing tools and techniques themselves. An embedded engineer must analyse error reports after the product’s implementation and be capable of troubleshooting any issues that come up.

Finally, they must maintain the software program, and create reports on its functionality. Often, they provide technical assistance to both the company’s sales team and clients.

There is a growing demand for embedded software or system engineers, and they must often possess many different skills. Most importantly, they must have experience in embedded software engineering or a similar role.

Software development experience is essential, as is knowledge of OS coding, and programming languages such as C or C++. Furthermore, embedded engineers must be familiar with software configuration management and defect tracking tools.

Frequently, companies seek candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.

Finally, embedded engineers possess soft skills such as problem-solving abilities, communication, and a good sense of organisation.

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