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Find Digital Marketing Specialist jobs in Switzerland and Germany

Globally, a digital marketing specialist is charged with increasing brand awareness, promoting company products and services, and increasing conversion rates. They may specialise in a specific area, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEA (Search Engine Advertising), social media, or others. However, their main mission remains designing and implementing online marketing campaigns and contributing to a company’s business goals. Digital specialists may go on to work as digital marketing managers.

In more detail

A digital marketing specialist must develop marketing strategies to promote a company’s products online. For this, they may need to collaborate with other experts within the company in order to understand business goals. They then determine how to translate these into successful digital marketing campaigns. They must contribute to different social media to increase brand awareness, and produce online promotions and email campaigns to reach different audiences. It is important that they understand their customer base and the content they react to in order to figure out the best way to reach existing and potential customers via the internet.

Depending on their specialisation, they may, among others, focus their efforts on: improving and adapting the company website for SEO; creating ads for SEA; handling different social media accounts and engaging with online communities.

To work as a digital marketing specialist, it is necessary to know digital marketing best practices. Experience in implementing marketing strategies is preferred. A bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing, Communication, or related fields is often required.

Furthermore, it is important to know how to use various tools and technologies; Hootsuite is frequently used for social media management and Mailchimp for email marketing. Digital specialists must be knowledgeable in various areas, such as SEO, social media, email marketing, and SEA, and may specialise in one in particular. Regardless of their specialisation, they must stay on top of trends in order to implement the most effective strategies and achieve the best marketing results.

Additional skills such as creativity, time management, and organisation are also extremely important for this position.

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