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Find Digital Marketing Manager jobs in Switzerland and Germany

The role of a digital marketing manager is to plan, develop and implement digital marketing campaigns in order to promote a company’s brand, services or products. They need to define the campaign budget and identify trends, helping them define a strategy to achieve the company’s business objectives. One of their main missions is to increase brand awareness and drive traffic towards the website or social media accounts.

In more detail

The main goal of a digital marketing manager is to increase a company’s online presence and gain greater brand loyalty and awareness among existing and potential customers.

They are in charge of many if not all aspects of the company’s digital marketing department, from email marketing to advertising campaigns.

They define campaign budgets, manage social media platforms, and define metrics to evaluate the performance of their strategies. The digital marketing manager must be capable of identifying the most effective aspects of campaigns and optimising marketing efforts to achieve the best results. They must stay up to date with the latest technologies within the industry to maintain the company’s online presence. Furthermore, they collaborate with different experts, such as in advertising and media, in order to determine the required scope of their digital marketing strategies and achieve the most growth possible.

It goes without saying that candidates pursuing a digital marketing position should be aware of the latest digital marketing trends and technologies, and have multi-year experience implementing these.

A Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Digital marketing, or Communication is generally required when applying for this kind of position. Additionally, experience with different social media platforms, best practices, and website analytics is paramount, and knowledge of SEO and art direction are further assets. Some experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is a common requirement for digital marketing manager positions.

Finally, successful candidates must possess certain soft skills, such as analytical thinking, communication, teamwork, leadership, and a good sense of organisation, as well as a creative mindset.

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