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Find DevOps Engineer jobs in Switzerland and Germany

DevOps (Development and Operations) is a software development strategy aimed at bridging the gap between development and operations teams. A DevOps engineer is responsible for managing code releases and making them more efficient. It is a multi-faceted position, combining the roles of a DevOps evangelist, release manager, automation expert, and more.

Overall, they must be very well acquainted with the software development lifecycle. They are also in charge of testing the code and ensuring that it is correct before deployment.

In more detail

A DevOps engineer has many tasks, with the main one being the implementation of DevOps practices, philosophies, and tools. These are used to automate processes and speed up the development cycle.

Additionally, they improve product delivery time and reliability, and increase collaboration between teams. A further benefit is the increased security. In order to put all this into practice, a DevOps engineer must analyse the technologies used within a company and identify opportunities for improvement.

They must propose solutions and provide detailed specifications for their completion, coordinate teams, set targets for them, and encourage collaboration. As such, they must have a deep understanding of how the different technologies and systems work, and stay on top of trends in order to arrive at the most efficient solutions.

A DevOps engineer should have in-depth knowledge of a scripting language (Python, Ruby) and a cloud platform (AWS, GCP, Azure). Knowledge of multiple languages and clouds is preferred.

They must also have experience with DevOps best practices, such as developing CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) pipelines, improving communication and collaboration, monitoring and logging, and configuration automation.

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or experience in a related field is a minimum requirement to enter this position.

Some knowledge of business analysis techniques is a plus. Additionally, candidates must possess various soft skills, such as flexibility, leadership, and good communication.

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Gestionnaire d’applications (géomatique) - Lausanne, Switzerland

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