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Find Desktop Support Engineer jobs in Switzerland and Germany

Desktop support engineers are IT specialists that resolve hardware, software, and networking issues for clients, both on-site and remotely. This can include setting up computer hardware systems, installing and upgrading software, and troubleshooting common IT issues. They may also be in charge of resolving issues with servers and security.

This position is in rather high demand, with many companies seeking highly qualified and specialized desktop support engineers. The number of desktop support jobs is expected to grow substantially over the next few years.

In more detail

The main responsibility of a desktop support engineer is ensuring that a company’s computers, network connections, and software are all functioning properly and without issue. They must also provide support to the company’s employees whenever they encounter technical difficulties.

Desktop support engineers must be capable of resolving technology issues and therefore rely on a broad IT expertise to come up with solutions. The kind of issues that arise can range from internet connectivity problems to software malfunctions and data recovery.

Desktop support engineers are also responsible for installing and maintaining various software and hardware. An example of this is setting up workstations for new employees; they must also install the necessary programs and applications relevant to their duties. Finally, they may advise companies on the best technological systems and solutions to employ. In these cases, they are also required to provide training and workshops for new software or software updates.

In order to work in this field, advanced technological skills are absolutely necessary given the wide range and varying complexity of possible issues.

Companies frequently require their desktop support engineers to have experience with different operating systems, depending on the software they and their staff rely on, and with different office products, such as printers.

Knowledge of network security practices is also extremely important. Furthermore, a bachelor’s degree in Computer science or a related field is generally required. Due to frequent contact with clients, desktop support engineers must have great communication and interpersonal skills. Additionally, they may sometimes be required to have the flexibility of working late nights and weekends.

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