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Find Database Administrator jobs in Switzerland and Germany

A database administrator (DBA) is in charge of database design and performance, and security enforcement. DBAs are specialised computer systems administrators, in charge of all activities necessary for maintaining data integrity. Mainly, they have to make sure that the company’s data is available for users while being secure from unauthorised access. As such, it is a high responsibility role. Many different industries require database administrators, such as education, health care, banking, and more.

In more detail

The main tasks of a database administrator are to store, organise, manage, and secure an organisation’s data. They often rely on specialised software, such as SAP, SQL, and Oracle-based software, which also requires maintenance and patching. They are also frequently involved in planning new databases that correspond to business requirements. For this, they must plan the specifications of the database and how it should function. Furthermore, a DBA is often responsible for backing up systems to safeguard against power outages or other problems.

Additional responsibilities include: planning and coordinating data migrations; collaborating with development teams to optimise architectures and coding standards; and establishing and implementing best practices. They must also provide reports on various metrics relating to the database, such as availability, usage, and performance.

DBAs are expected to be knowledgeable in database queries and have a general understanding of distributed computing architectures. A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or experience in a related field is a minimum requirement for this position.

Prior experience developing with SQL is beneficial for database administration, as this language is designed for handling data. It is also necessary to have a working knowledge of various data management products, such as SAP and Oracle. Finally, good communication skills are a further asset, as DBAs often have to collaborate with others, and may be responsible for training employees in database management.

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