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Find CRO Specialist jobs in Switzerland and Germany

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a number of tactics used to increase the percentage of visitors who engage with a website in the desired way. For example, this can be purchasing a product or service, or filling out a form, rather than simply visiting the website.

It is important to understand how users interact with a website, what they want to accomplish, and what are some possible hindrances in that process.

This is quite distinct from conversion optimisation in SEO which simply focuses on increasing traffic to websites. Contrastingly, a CRO specialist is tasked with increasing visitor engagement, thereby converting visitors into leads.

In more detail

In order to increase lead generation, CRO specialists must be acutely aware of what users expect when visiting a website. They make use of different techniques to win leads. One of these is website optimisation for mobile devices. Many people access the internet via their phones, so websites adapted for this kind of use will retain more visitors. Specialists can also improve “about” pages and make them more clear, relevant, and attractive to increase leads.

Other influencing factors include the writing style of a website, its readability, ease of use, and even appearance. CRO specialists may collaborate with marketing and development teams to optimise different areas of a website for lead generation. They must also test multiple versions and possibilities in order to determine the most effective strategies to employ.

In order to work as a CRO specialist, it is important to have a degree in Digital Marketing or similar fields, or equivalent and relevant experience. CRO specialists also rely on many tools to carry out their work; experience with Google Analytics, A/B testing tools, and others, is very important when applying for these kinds of positions. Furthermore, communication, task prioritisation, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills are essential to excel in CRO.

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