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Find Copywriter jobs in Switzerland and Germany

A copywriter is responsible for producing written content for various marketing and advertising needs. This means writing texts for websites, brochures, emails, social media, billboards, advertisements, and more.

Their goal is to engage readers and persuade them to buy products or services. As such, some consider it to be a sales job. There are no formal qualifications to become a copywriter. However, because many wish to join this industry, it is beneficial to have some assets that can set candidates apart.

In more detail

First and foremost, it is important to be proficient in the language of the market that the company targets. To be a successful copywriter, it is important to write texts that sound natural and convincing, and therefore native speakers are usually sought. It is also essential to be creative and capable of producing a lot of content in a short amount of time.

Additionally, many companies look for candidates that are dynamic and can write content for different audiences. They must be familiar with different forms of social media, and the kind of copy that best engages users in various online communities. When applying for copywriting roles, candidates are frequently asked to showcase a portfolio of their work; it is a good idea to have different samples available.

Copywriters are engaged in many different industries – pretty much every company that uses any form of advertising has worked with a copywriter.

Copywriting jobs fall into two categories: in-house and freelance. In-house copywriters are part of a marketing team and produce copy for the products and services of one company. Freelance copywriters work independently on projects for different companies, which can be very varied. They do, however, tend to specialise in one industry, such as travel, luxury, technical writing, etc.

Copywriters, and especially freelance copywriters, increasingly work remotely, which is convenient for both companies and candidates alike.

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