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Find Content Manager jobs in Switzerland and Germany

A content manager is responsible for the content users engage with on websites and blogs. They are involved in defining the organisation, standardisation, and prioritisation of all the posts. They ensure the success of an organisation’s content marketing efforts. In order to create a content strategy that interests users and produces results, content managers must first and foremost have a good understanding of their audience.

In more detail

The main tasks of a content manager are as follows. They may collaborate with the sales team or leadership to better know the customer base they are targeting. The content manager must plan the editorial calendar, usually with the help of a content management system (CMS). In doing so, they determine what kind of content they will be publishing, when they want to schedule it for, and which media they will post it on.

Depending on the size of the organisation, they may be tasked with writing, editing, and publishing all this content; they may also be responsible for keeping others on target if the company has multiple writers. Content managers must find ways to optimise and promote the content, so it has the desired reach and level of engagement. Finally, they must evaluate the success of their efforts by tracking the performance of their content.

In order to work in this field, it is useful to have a degree in communication, publishing, media studies, or journalism. Depending on the products and services their organisation is promoting, relevant technical knowledge is also required.

A content manager must be very organised, creative, and dynamic. They must be capable of producing content for different purposes and media.

Knowing how to use content management systems is essential for this role, as is knowledge of HTML, in order to schedule content and maintain the company’s website. Experience with SEO, marketing strategies, and different social media is extremely beneficial. Photo and video editing skills can help candidates stand out when applying for content manager positions.

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