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Find Communications / PR Manager jobs in Switzerland and Germany

A communications/PR manager is responsible for creating a relationship between a company or brand and the outside world. They are in charge of a company’s internal and external communications, and are very skilled in crafting messages.

The goal is to promote a specific and coherent image to a broader audience via online editorial strategies. It is important to have a deep understanding of the brand and be able to communicate different aspects to various audiences.

In more detail

When shaping a brand’s image, the communications / PR manager must rely on many different media and channels. These include, but are not limited to, social media, even marketing, the company’s website, and digital media. In general, the communications manager is in charge of all communications related to a company’s projects, products, and services. They create strategies that deliver unified core messages, and put together action plans for the different media mentioned above. It is necessary to collaborate with the marketing team in order to understand the audience they are targeting and how to best reach it.

Though they may distribute the tasks among a content team, the communications managers are frequently in charge of writing content themselves. This can include articles, blogs, interviews, press releases, editorials, and more. As project managers, they coordinate different teams and experts in order to take their communications strategies further.

Many skills are necessary for communications / PR managers. They must have excellent communication skills, and be familiar with various social media and communication channels.

A degree in English, Communications, Journalism, or a related field is a frequent requirement among hiring companies. It is important to have leadership qualities and project management experience in order to lead a team of other content specialists.

Good interpersonal skills are also important, as is great attention to detail. Furthermore, communications / PR managers must stay on top of media trends and best practices.

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