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Find Build / Release Engineer jobs in Switzerland and Germany

A build / release engineer is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of software development projects from software design, building phases, and through to the release duties at their company.

The responsibilities of build / release engineers are numerous. On the whole, they manage the build and release pipelines, supervising software design from its build (pre-release) versions to the finished product. A build / release engineer differs from a DevOps engineer in that the latter focuses on automating development practices in order to speed up development.

However, build and release engineering is considered by many to be a part of DevOps engineering.

In more detail

Build / release engineers generate workflows to time code delivery, develop and deploy software, and manage source code via version control applications. They must also set up various tools and processes for storage, integration, and bug-tracking. Additionally, they implement tools and techniques to facilitate collaboration between development, QA, and operations teams. As such, the build / release engineer is also in charge of maintaining all software documentation. This includes information about stable releases, tracking and resolution of bugs, identification of user issues post-release, and more. This documentation can help project managers improve development processes and reduce development time.

The input of build / release engineers has many benefits: the software development pipeline is accessible and understandable for all involved; application development is tracked; and organisations’ processes are improved. All of this contributes to a better, more effective and efficient work environment.

In order to access this line of work, in-depth technical knowledge and experience in software development are crucial. The specific programming languages required will depend on the company, and the product being developed. though Python, Unix, and Jenkins are the most commonly used.

A degree in Computer Science or related field is also necessary. Furthermore, it is important to have an analytical mindset in order to be able to analyse processes and how they can be improved.

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