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Find Brand Manager jobs in Switzerland and Germany

A brand manager is responsible for shaping the image current and potential customers have of a given company or product. They are tasked with conducting market research, and translating that into concrete insights about users. Frequently, they work with or from within a marketing team to plan and implement the brand strategy. They may work in-house or in an agency.

In more detail

When it comes to brand identity, many factors contribute to and influence the image that is projected to users. Not only does this include how a product looks and functions, but also how the company interacts with users, the events they organise, and even the prices they set. Brand image refers to the full experience users have in relation to a company, product, or service.

The brand manager develops marketing and advertising strategies and contributes to the graphic design and layout of promotional materials. They ensure that the brand image is consistent and coherent across all different channels. Overall, their objective is helping users build a personal relationship with the brand.

Brand managers must be familiar with the most widely used social media and technologies, and research market trends. Staying up to date on their competitors helps them position their brand and adapt their strategy.

To work as a brand manager, many skills are required. First and foremost is creativity, as the brand manager must come up with original ideas to promote their company or clients. Additionally, they must have good storytelling skills, and be experienced in relationship management.

Knowledge of digital marketing techniques, experience in designing campaigns, and some knowledge of design principles are all extremely useful for a position as brand manager. They must have an excellent understanding of the brand they are promoting, as well as their customer base.

Finally, brand managers must be great communicators, and have good problem-solving skills.

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