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Find Art Director / Creative Director jobs in Switzerland and Germany

An art director is responsible for determining the visual style or design of a product. They are typically in charge of a team of specialists that they guide in implementing the concept.

The position of art director exists across many industries, including theatre, television, and even video games. It is also frequently used in marketing and advertising, and pertains to the visual concept of a particular product or service.

In more detail

The role of art director usually involves creating the overall design for marketing campaigns. This can include images, motion graphics, and other media in order to improve marketing efforts and increase user engagement.

Overall, the visual concept must correspond to and help shape brand identity. Sometimes, the art director may be involved in executing the designs of a digital marketing campaign. It is essential that the art director collaborates with the marketing team to understand the needs of the client, as well as the audience they are targeting. Some of the art may be specifically targeted for various forms of social media. Therefore, it is important that they have experience across a large range of media and know how to adapt the design for each one.

It goes without saying that hands-on experience in art is an absolute must for the position of art director. Companies frequently ask for a university degree in Graphic Design, Animation, or a related field. However, this is not always required, and an equivalent experience in art may be sufficient. It goes without saying that art directors must be very creative and very familiar with design principles.

Additionally, organisation skills are important for the role of marketing artist, as are good communication skills. Art directors must be effective project managers, and as such must possess leadership qualities and be capable of providing constructive feedback.

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