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Find Application Engineer jobs in Switzerland and Germany

Application engineer jobs lie at the intersection of software development and sales. At a general level, they must know the company’s products in detail and be in contact with customers to ensure their needs are being met.

Often, they work in collaboration with the company’s manufacturing, marketing, sales, and customer service departments.

In more detail

The day-to-day responsibilities of an application engineer can be extremely varied. Their main tasks include understanding clients’ needs; answering any questions they may have pre- or post-sale; resolving any problems that come up regarding the product or services provided. As such, they also function as higher-level tech support. They may travel to customer sites and provide consultations.

The difference between application engineers and software engineers is that the former is focused particularly on product implementation. Though they both may contribute to product design, the latter is focused on the development side of things. In contrast, the former must understand all the systems, how they work, and how they can be implemented to meet customers’ needs.

While a software engineer can typically expect to progress to the position of a software architect, an application engineer’s career path can take them to the position of solutions architect or project manager.

The following skills are required for application engineer jobs: project management, communication, and strong attention to detail. Keeping up with the latest technologies is also key.

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering,  or a related field is often a condition for finding work as an application engineer. Knowledge of different programming languages, and experience in software design and development are also frequently asked for.

Application engineers are team players and must forge a link between a company’s services or products, and their clients. As this position requires customer contact and involvement in sales, possessing soft skills such as communication and collaboration is extremely important.

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