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Find Analytics Specialist jobs in Switzerland and Germany

The role of a digital marketing analytics specialist is increasingly important these days, given the rapid evolution of digital media. It is possible to track users and how they interact with websites, thereby providing metrics in order to improve marketing strategies.

A marketing analytics specialist combines data science and marketing, and is in charge of defining and implementing measurement strategies in order to meet clients’ needs. There is some crossover with the role of web analyst as both specialists focus on web metrics. However, a marketing analytics specialist analyses the effectiveness of specific marketing campaigns. This means they draw on multiple and more varied data sources – not only web analytics.

In more detail

Analytics specialist jobs globally consist of analysing data. However, they must also generate reports, define strategies for growth, and produce KPIs to measure performance. It is important for the marketing analyst to understand user behaviour and what drives conversion rates. In turn, they can analyse the performance of each marketing tactic and find ways to improve the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns. To this end, they frequently rely on analytical tools such as Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and more. They must compile reports about the marketing efforts and results, and indicate opportunities for improvement.

Marketing analysts must stay on top of digital marketing trends and techniques in order to implement effective strategies. This allows them to remain competitive on the market.

An analytics specialist must be at ease with data analytics and able to interpret data. As such, companies frequently require a bachelor’s degree in marketing, or equivalent experience in website analytics. There are many courses and materials available online that focus on this specialised field. Further skills that are necessary for analytics specialist jobs include communication and project management abilities.

It is paramount for marketing analysts to be able to understand trends, and pass relevant information on to the marketing department as a whole.

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